How to Enjoy Cigars on the Golf Course

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Apr 12 2018

Cigar golf

How to Enjoy Cigars on the Golf Course

Golfing is one of the best ways to relax after a long work week. Of course smoking a stogie can make golfing even more fun! Here are some tips on how to smoke cigars while out on the course with your friends.

Pay Attention to Wind Direction

First, try to be aware of the direction the wind is blowing when you're out on the golf course. This can help you be more considerate of others in your group who may not appreciate getting smoke blown in their face. 

Bring a Torch Cigar Lighter

Speaking of the wind, remember to bring a torch cigar lighter so you won't have any issues lighting your cigar. It can be difficult to get a flame going if the wind is constantly blowing it out.

Use a Travel Ashtray

As tempting as it may be to flick some ashes on the course (after all - it's so small, who would notice?), you should use a travel ashtray as a courtesy. You can carefully place your cigar in the ashtray when it's your turn to golf or when you need to use both hands for something. 

Smoke A Large Cigar

There's nothing worse than finishing a cigar early before you're done playing. We suggest that you take a a large cigar just in case the course is really busy and backed up. 

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