How To Properly Light A Cigar

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Feb 9 2017

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How To Properly Light A Cigar

Lighting a cigar, much like lighting a pipe, should be an enjoyed and respected practice. The routine involved is relaxing and makes your smoking experience more pleasurable - a well lit cigar burns evenly and produces a firm ash, bringing out a more clean, impactful and full-bodied flavor. 

The steps are simple enough. First, you'll want to select your cigar and your preferred method of lighting. It is best to use a butane lighter because the gas is odorless, and many seasoned smokers prefer a torch to a soft flame because they are more efficient and usually are wind-resistant. If you like, unscented matches may also be used.

Second, toast the foot. Hold your cigar roughly one inch away from the flame, letting the heat warm it up. Rotate the cigar slowly, allowing the flame to toast the entire circumference. A toasted cigar will smoke lazily but not yet be fully lit. This preparation will ensure the even burn and firm ash.

Third, holding the cigar gently between your teeth, bring it in contact with the flame, puffing lightly and continuing its rotation. Your cigar will become fully lit, producing full and fragrant smoke. Blow softly on the foot and it will glow like embers, a perfect circle. Your cigar is ready to smoke.

If you have any questions regarding specific lighters or selecting the best cigar, don't hesitate to contact us! We would love to help you find the lighter that suits you best. You can view our impressive selection of lighters and accessories on our website. Happy smoking!