How Good is a Ziplock Bag for Storing Cigars?

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Apr 9 2020


How Good is a Ziplock Bag for Storing Cigars?

Some people are cigar enthusiasts. They pride themselves on knowing everything there is to know about smoking fine cigars. They have all the right cigar accessories and they seem to have heard about every cigar ever made, and trust me they have an opinion on each and every brand too! We love cigar enthusiasts, but we also think there is plenty of room for casual cigar smokers too. Some people smoke cigars just a few times a year.  

If you smoke cigars casually, and you know a cigar aficionado, you might feel intimidated. We would hate for a casual cigar smoker to enjoy their occasional cigar less, just because they don't know as much as their friends who love to talk about cigars a lot. If you enjoy cigars, you shouldn't feel like any less of a cigar smoker, just because you can't recite the full history of cigars from memory.

So, we wanted to answer a basic question, to help you get the most enjoyment possible out of your occasional luxury cigar.  How long will a cigar keep in a ziplock bag?  It is okay if you don't have humidor.  (Just don't tell you friend who happens to own 7 different styles of humidors.) Without a humidor, you just need to smoke your cigar more quickly. A cigar will stay fresh in a ziplock bag for just 2 to 3 days.

If you can't get to your cigar within that period of time, add a Boveda to your ziplock bag or other container, like a tupperware dish.  This little pack will regulate the humidity in your container for anywhere from 2 months to a year depending on how often you open the container.

Of course, in the long run, a simple humidor is more affordable than buying multiple Boveda packs. Small humidors start at just under $50, so they are not a massive investment, even if you only smoke cigars on special occasions.

Whether you are an enthusiast or an occasional cigar smoker, please contact us with any question that you may have. We welcome everyone and provide quality cigars at affordable prices.