How Cigar Size Impacts Your Smoking Experience

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

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How Cigar Size Impacts Your Smoking Experience

The size and shape of a cigar are important factors to consider when determining which cigar is right for you. The physical characteristics of a cigar affect its burning properties. Whether you smoke small cigars or large ones, it is useful to understand how the size affects your experience. Cigars typically have two primary measurements. First, there is the diameter or ring gauge. Then, we measure the length. These combined measurements give us the size and dimensions of a cigar. Here are a few ways in which the size and shape of a cigar impact your smoking experience.


The size of your cigar determines how much time you will invest in smoking it. Obviously, a larger cigar will take longer to smoke. So, determine how much time you have available to invest in your smoking experience at that moment. If you are short on time, a small cigar would be the better option.


Cigars with a larger diameter tend to burn slower, smoldering at a lower temperature. Thinner cigars burn hotter and faster. This affects the intensity of the draw. A cigar with larger diameter create a milder draw, while a thin cigar has a more intense draw. The type of tobacco obviously impacts how the cigar burns as well.

Consider how the size and shape of a cigar affects your smoking experience. It is useful to understand these factors when choosing a cigar.

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