Hot To Properly Light A Cigar

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

Lighting cash with a cigar

Hot To Properly Light A Cigar

Whether you are a cigar novice or an aficionado, it's always good to get a refresher on some cigar smoking techniques. There is a proper way to enjoy your stogie and get the most flavor out of your experience. Therefore, here we share a simple guide on the correct way to start your moment of relaxation with your fine cigar of choice.

Cutting The Cigar

Some cigars come with a pre-cut end, ready to be lit. Others have tapered, sealed ends and require the use of a guillotine, or a cigar cutter (there's several variations of cutters that do the job). In a pinch, you could use your fingernails to clip away at it, although mauling at the object of your desire is perhaps inelegant as well as not ideal for the even burn you are looking for. The idea is to have a clean-cut, that will distribute the heat evenly and lead to proper ashing.

Lighting The Cigar

There are numerous options for applying a burning flame to your cigar, specifically with a cigar lighter. There are some things you want to avoid, so as to not affect the flavor of the cigar with odors and chemical byproducts that the cigar absorbs quickly. Approved are the gas lighter, butane lighter, the white-hot iron, Swedish type matches or wooden match (but be sure to first burn past the sulfur tip). Avoid the petrol lighter, wax match or candle.

The Burn

The most important principle is to light the cigar with patience. There is no rushing this act. Nothing is worse than ruining a fine cigar with an improper burn.

Bring the flame to the foot of the cigar (the end) at a 90-degree angle, and round the cigar in your fingers to evenly burn the tip. The cigar is not ready to be smoked yet. It must reach an optimal combustion of at least 800 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit to burn off embedded elements that will pollute the taste and aroma of the cigar if not burning properly. Help the cigar along with inhalations and puffing to add oxygen to the fire and reach the required kindle for the proper smoking experience. Continue twisting and rounding the cigar in your fingers, to char the end evenly. Now you are ready to commune with your cigar, and its delectable, flavorful offerings

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