Golf Season is Here! Time to Go Shopping for New Cigars

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

Corona cigar golf ball

Golf Season is Here! Time to Go Shopping for New Cigars

While most of us weekend warriors of the public golf courses can only dream of hitting 300-yard drives straight down the middle of Pebble Beach and flopping a Mickelson-esque approach wedge directly over sand and  three feet from the pin, there are some benefits we get to enjoy that the pros don't. We get to ride around in gas powered or electric carts for instance. We get to enjoy the occasional malty, hoppy-flavored beverage, and with that beverage, almost nothing goes better than a high quality new cigar to smoke.

Many of us endured one of the harshest winters on record this year, and it seemed as if the golf season would never arrive. However, much like the sun continues to rise each morning, the warm weather is finally here and the golf season has arrived with it. Understanding that most of us will never break 80 or make a run at the PGA tour, we must enjoy golf for what it is for us, which is a nice break from the routine. Smoking a fine cigar while playing a round with three of your best friends can go hand-in-hand with that break out of the ordinary.

Just because your golf game may be nothing extraordinary doesn't mean your cigar experience has to be. You can enjoy one of the finest cigars on the planet while playing, and "Corona Cigar Co." has an online shopping experience that can provide you with just the extraordinary smoke you may be looking for, to accompany you the next time you are on the course. Order online today to acquire some of the greats that cigar enjoyment can offer with names like Davidoff, Diamond Crown, Montecristo, and many other cigar brands for whatever flavor or type of smoke it is you like best. 

At Corona Cigar Co., we also feature some of the finest cigar cutters, cigar lighters, and other cigar accessories you may be looking for the next time you hit the links. As golf season rolls on, please contact us for more information and to place an order for your golf bag today. Fore!