Enhancing Your ACID Cigar Experience

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

Acid Cigars

Enhancing Your ACID Cigar Experience

Welcome to the world of Acid Cigars, the sensation that has captured lovers of the stogie for over a decade. What makes this cigar so special? To fully understand you have to partake of the experience. Like a delicious meal made with the finest ingredients, ACID cigars are rich and satisfying. Every Acid cigar is handcrafted with meticulous care using the finest tobacco. These cigars get their distinct signature from various distinctive manufacturing and aging processes, including being cured in red wine, infused with botanical oils, spices and more than one hundred select herbs, just to name a few. These complex elements create these cigar’s unique flavors and aromas. Like all cigars in the Drew Estate line, Acid ciagrs are rolled in various wrappers, including Sumatra, Maduro, Connecticut and Cameroon wrappers.

Enhancing your experience through food and wine

Cognac - If you prefer the traditional after dinner beverage, Cognac is the drink of choice. Due to its complex components cognac will always pair well with mild and medium-bodied cigars. Courvoisier, a French cognac, with its subtle aromas and bouquet is a classic choice and will perfectly match almost any cigar. The Cigar Club cognac entices your senses with its vanilla, almond and cigar-box scents of comfit, cinnamon and black chocolate. The Acid Kuba Kuba Sumatra is an excellent choice with either of these cognacs. It is robust in size (54 ring gauge), medium- bodied and one of the best-selling cigars throughout the country.

Red Wine - Spanish red wine tends to accentuate the red wine in Acid cigars beautifully because of their smoky characteristics. The Acid One Torpedo is the only non-aromatic cigar in the Acid line that has VSOP (very spiced old pale) yet pair well with the Garnacha (Greneche) de Fuego with its full, round flavor. If you are a savvy aficionado this match will definitely enhance your stogie experience.

If you appreciate beef, satiate your appetite with a steak which flatters both the cognac and red wine. In a league of their own, the Drew Estate ACID cigar line has taken the industry by storm and created a new breed of cigar lovers. Dare to partake in the phenomenon and enhance your experience with either your choice of cognac or red wine. Welcome to the Acid cigar revolution.

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