Drew Estate Cigars

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Jan 26 2017

drew estate

Drew Estate Cigars

Cigar smoking is a time-honored experience that various cultures around the world share in.  Cigars are mostly valued for quality tobacco, and for the process that created them.  The care and expertise in creating a cigar adds to the enjoyment, and some manufacturers have managed to stand out due to the quality product they offer. Drew Estate Cigars area a unique brand of cigar that offers a range of cigars and smoking experiences.  Their company is an innovator in their respective field, and the process in which they produce their cigars is authentic.

Drew Estate Cigars started with two New York college students with a vision and little resources.   Jonathan Drew moved to Esteli, Nicaragua in the late 1990's to open a cigar factory and gain deeper knowledge in the cigar making process, while his partner Marvin Samel stayed in a Brooklyn, New York office, building the business infrastructure and recruiting investors.  Jonathan returned to New York with a variety of new tobacco blends, and emerging artist Scott "Acid" Chester gave Drew Estate Cigars a marketing edge with his unique sense of branding. The brand appeal and high quality Nicaraguan tobacco made Drew Estate Cigars standout and gain notoriety for their product.

Drew Estate's Acid cigars are well-known for the new dimensions they offer to cigar smokers, but they are not they the only noteworthy cigars they produce.  The Tabak Especial mixes rich tobacco flavor with espresso harvested from Nicaragua.  The Liga Privada line of cigars is originally a private blend made available for customers.  There are a variety of blends in this line, mostly for full, robust smoke with dark leaves and spices.  The Kentucky Fire Cured line offers an Americana experience in cigar smoke with a variety of sizes.  Drew Estate also offers natural cigars and pipe tobacco.   

A big part of enjoying a good cigar comes from the process that produced them.  Drew Estate Cigars values tradition, and brings new elements to the table.  For a truly unique cigar smoking experience, try one of their many meticulously crafted cigars.  To learn more, contact us today!