Drew Estate Cigars Pair Well With Craft Beer

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

craft beer and Drew Estate boxes

Drew Estate Cigars Pair Well With Craft Beer

The world of craft beer is growing rapidly. One of the new pastimes of cigar aficionados is to pair cigars with craft beer and Drew Estate Cigars can go very nicely with a pint of virtually any kind of beer. Knowing how to pair is an art form and there are suggestions you can follow.

Understand the Flavors of the Beer

When you go into any craft brewery, there is a description of the beer. There may be flavors of chocolate, espresso, smoke, fruit, spices, and other items. Familiarize yourself with the flavors that are inside of the beer as this will help you to choose the right cigar to smoke while you sip the brew.

Understand the Cigar

There are a few things that go into a cigar. You have your filling as well as your wrapper. Both of these are going to influence the smoke and determine whether it is a heavy or a light smoke. The heavier smokes pair well with the darker beers while the lighter smokes pair well with the spicy and wheat beers.

Like any kind of pairing, whether it is wine, beer, or Scotch, you drink what you like with what you like to smoke. There are no rules as long as you enjoy the Drew Estate cigars you have in your humidor. If you can find a craft brewery near you, they may even be able to recommend a beer for you to have with your favorite cigar.

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