Drew Estate Cigars Online: Ambrosia Blends

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Jun 23 2020

Ambrosia Cigars

Drew Estate Cigars Online: Ambrosia Blends

The smell is like a memory or dream, distinct, yet almost indescribable. You're irrevocably drawn to it, but you're not sure if you're walking into an Indian cafe with live sitar music playing, or the paradoxical realm of the wealthiest of dirty hippies. Either way, you know you're going to have an otherworldly experience, and the intoxicating aromatic blends of clove and complex tobaccos are the seductive culprit, luring you to partake.

Drew Estate, with its masterminded eccentric, experimental gourmet blends, from ACID to coffee lines, is like the cult leader of the cigar industry, rounding up followers with sensual aromas and the richest of flavors.

The unique complexity of Drew Estate's Ambrosia line is proclaimed as the toughest cigars for them to create. Ambrosia cigars are infused with some of the rarest Eastern and European spices, as well as wine, rum, and carefully aged Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco, which is grown at the Drew Estate farm located in the mountains of Esteli, Nicaragua.

True to its name, ambrosia means immortality in Greek, and it was considered to be both the food and the anointment relished by the gods.

The full line of Drew Estate Cigars are offered online by the Corona Cigar Co.

The Drew Estate Ambrosia line includes:

  • Ambrosia Kaya: Connecticut Shade Wrapper, 4" x 38.
  • Ambrosia Mother Earth: Connecticut Shade Wrapper, 4" x 50.
  • Ambrosia Nectar: Connecticut Shade Wrapper, 5" x 42.
  • Ambrosia Spice Torpedo: Habano Wrapper, 6" x 54.
  • Ambrosia Spice Triple Corona: Sumatra Wrapper, 7" x 50.
  • Ambrosia Vann Reef: Cameroon Wrapper, 5" x 50.

They also offer the Ambrosia Clove Tiki Cigarillos Tin (4" x 32).

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