Does Your Cigar Make the "Cut"?

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Feb 18 2020

Cigar Cutters

Does Your Cigar Make the "Cut"?

Cigar cutters are handy dandy little devices that basically cut the end off of your cigar.  You could use a knife or a scissors, but they aren't built for that so you are going to end up with tobacco falling out of the cut end of your cigar ends up not drawing evenly.  Or, maybe, like in a movie, you could bite the end off and dramatically spit it on the floor.  But besides, getting all that tobacco in your mouth and making a mess on the floor, is that how you want to treat that premium cigar?  It's better to put the drama aside and just spring for a real kick-ass cigar cutter.

Cigar cutters can be divided into three basic types.  The type that you like just comes down to personal preference.  Each has their own pros and cons, and all types can be found here.

Straight Cut

This is probably the most popular cigar cutter.  It makes a quick straight cut and comes in both single and double blade guillotine.  The cigar scissors falls into this category as well.  The guillotine cutter is preferred by many because it usually less expensive and it can be toted around in your pocket without you getting hurt.  One of our favorites is the Xikar Xi2 Cigar Cutter.

Punch Cut

You probably already figured out that this punches, right?  And a lot of guys prefer this type of cutter to the straight simply because it makes a smaller hole, so it gets less tobacco in your mouth as well as less on the floor.  Others think it is a bit more difficult to draw through the smaller cut.  Either way, we love that it is so portable, and can even go on your keyring.  One of our favorites is the Xikar Pull Out Cigar Punch.


The last of the common types of cutters is the V Cutter.  Some smokers prefer V-cutters because they penetrate deeper into the filler than straight cutters, and some smokers prefer them for thicker gauge cigars too.  Especially good for figurado type cigars, but they aren't limited to just one type. We like our Corona Cigar Co. Cutter/Lighter Set with our own logo that features a "The Judge" V-Cutter. 

To sum up, getting the cigar cutter that is right for you, can only amplify your enjoyment of smoking a fine cigar.  Why not check us out and order one today?  Questions?  Contact us. We will be glad to help!