Do You Need to Put Humidors on Your Home’s Winterization List?

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016


Do You Need to Put Humidors on Your Home’s Winterization List?

We winterize our lawn equipment, cars, wardrobe, swimming pools, swamp coolers and home but what about humidors? Do we need to prepare them for the cold season too? It’s a question first-time humidor buyers often ask at this time of year and the answer is an echoing, “Yes, you do.” If you’re remotely curious, here’s why:

Remember, humidors are all about maintaining the perfect humidity and what happens every winter? That’s right, the relative humidity drops. That’s why we often end up with dry skin and stuffy noses. And as for our cigars, well they’ll turn into a shriveled mess too unless something is done to bolster the humidor’s interior RH. Also, you’ll want to pay attention to the humidor’s wooden exterior.

So how does one bolster a humidor’s relative humidity when the cold winds start to blow? There is actually a cigar bundle’s worth of ways to keep everything hydrated and they all call for humidor accessories. Jars of Hydro-Gel and Xikar Crystal Clear will help increase humidity as will bottles of Cigar Juice. It also pays to install a high-tech hygrometer and inspect all of the seals on your humidor.

High-tech hygrometers that operate on wireless, remote systems tend to be the best. They detect moisture loss and generally send notifications when conditions inside of the humidor are about to take a turn for the worse. So, you’ll have time to grab more Hydro-Gel, distilled water or whatever else you’re using to keep the cigars perfectly hydrated.

And if the seals on your humidor aren’t up to snuff, consider having it reconditioned before the leaves fall. We’ve got travel size humidors that may be used to hold your precious collection until the reconditioning process is complete. To learn more about winterizing a humidor or simply upgrading to a better model before the cold weather arrives, please contact the Corona Cigar Company today.