Diamond Crown Cigars: A Blend of the Best

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

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Diamond Crown Cigars: A Blend of the Best

As any cigar lover knows, so much of the charm and prestige of smoking comes from its simultaneous blend of simplicity and sophistication. A solid set of cigars consists of years of complex and subtle crafting set with purpose in a clean wooden box. It is this package of status and earthiness that sets cigars apart from any other smoking pastime, and with super premium Diamond Crown Cigars you get just such a mixture of features. From start to finish, you will be engaged with the experience of Diamond Crown which speaks softly and for itself.

Begin first with the box. It arrives at your door in sharp-pressed packaging and your choice of one of several quality collectible wooden humidors, designed for both beauty and freshness. You then flip through the awarded credentials and delicate wrapping paper to find your premium cigars nestled to perfection and waiting. You know each cigar has gone through a series of rigorous inspections and fermentation cycles before being numbered and placed in the cabinet like gold. You breathe in the aged muskiness, a sample of the sensations and tastes to come, and you realize then that with Diamond Crown you truly can get more for your dollar.

The thickness of Diamond Crown cigars is legendary, being the first company to release a 54 ring gauge cigar--a trending favorite with many aficionados which proves that sometimes bigger really is better! These fat cigars are big enough to easily allow multiple tobacco blends to breathe, while adding consistency to the burn to enhance subsequent smoothness. Because they use only the best leaves mixed through their blends, you can expect a creamy, slow burn and aromatics that evolve as you smoke thanks to the unique variety of aged leaves in each cigar. From birth to burn, expect the best with Diamond Crown, whose naturally plowed fields enhance the nutrient quality of the emerging tobacco leaves with the straightforward dignity that cigars stand for.

We offer the finest in Diamond Crown cigars with award-winning selections such as:

For a simply complex flavor that evolves as you smoke, please check out our selection of Diamond Crown cigars for yourself and feel free to contact us for more recommendations.