Clearance Cigars!

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Apr 21 2020

Clearance Cigars

Clearance Cigars!

What better than ending the day with a nice cigar and relaxing? Well, how about a cigar that doesn't break the bank but still tastes great! Corona Cigar has you covered with our clearance cigars. Look forward to a nice cigar that also made your pocketbook happy at that same time. Just hop on over to the Corona Cigar Clearance Cigars Page and we will make sure you get a quality cigar for a price that you can't refuse. 

The selection of this clearance section won't leave you disappointed. Great brands such as Villiger, Rocky Patel, and even Macanudo are all on sale right now while supplies last! Grab some before they run out because you know you will be kicking yourself if you don't grab some. 

If you are starting with cigars and want a taste of what brands you might like, there is even an option for that in this section. Get your hands on a Grab Bag sampler and you won't be disappointed. It's even great for you veteran cigar smokers who want to have a little mystery in your life. Go ahead, grab a Grab Bag of 10 premium cigars for 33% off!

What if you are a person who wants to smoke a cigar but have nothing to light it with? Well, Corona Cigar has you covered there as well with some premium ST Dupont Maxi Jet Lighters. Don't worry about being stuck with a color you don't like either, Corona Cigar has a range of colors to choose from so you won't be disappointed with your selection. 

Overall these are killer deals that you would not want to miss. Heck, since they are on clearance, might as well treat yourself to a combination of all of them! Just remember they are while supplies last, so better hurry before someone else had the right idea and beat you to it. Enjoy that cigar at the end of the day, because you know you deserve it!

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