Clearance Cigars Online: Enjoy Savings of 50% or More Before They’re Gone

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016


Clearance Cigars Online: Enjoy Savings of 50% or More Before They’re Gone

Which cigar brands are your favorites? Do you clamor for Gurkha? Go ape over Avo or sing for Siglo? Perhaps you’re happiest with cigar bundles or grab bag samplers in your hands. Either way, buying clearance cigars online is a great way to save 50% or more while still enjoying your favorites.

Let’s take Gurkha Raider Toro cigars as examples. The Connecticut cigar bundles generally retail for $250 or more. However, we’ve sold them for less than $70 each. Just imagine the satisfaction that comes from puffing on a full flavor cigar made with Nicaraguan Corojo fillers, Connecticut wrappers and Dominican Criollo. We promise that the experience is even sweeter knowing you’ve saved more than $180 on 25 of them!

The deeply discounted, Raider Toro cigars online are just the tip of the wrapper when it comes to clearance deals. Oftentimes, brothers and sisters of the broadleaf will also find the following offers:

  • Buy One, Get One Singles
  • 50% Off MSRP on Brand Name Cigar Boxes
  • Limited Edition Cigars for Less Than $100 a Box
  • Gift Sets at All Price Points

And there are generally a lot of freebies offer too. Examples include Avo 4 Packs with box purchase, FREE lighters and ashtrays. Heck, sometimes cigar deals online include extra smokes as well. So, you could feasibly get 25 top shelf cigars, free shipping and a few other goodies at bottom shelf prices. The secret is knowing when and where to buy clearance cigars online.

Right now, the best clearance deals may be found at the Corona Cigar Company. The savings and special offers are just too big to mention in one post. So, please stop by today, look around and start saving. Then sit back in that easy chair, smile broadly and share the fantastic news with all of your friends.