Cigar Stores and the Mystique of the Cigar Lounge

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

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Cigar Stores and the Mystique of the Cigar Lounge

Cigars have always held a certain mystique. We have Hollywood to blame and confident, sexy media depictions of politicians, comedians and celebrities enjoying their cigars. 

Even women have enjoyed this typically male oriented luxury; think Bonnie Parker, Marlene Dietrich and Demi Moore. Cigar smoking is synonymous with class, style and confidence. 

The cigar bars sprouting up across the country take this mystique and wrap it up in a cool environment with superior cigars that ends up with an ambiance that never fails to draw: privilege. Who doesn’t love that feeling of exclusivity in a secret club?

Exclusive indeed, some cigar lounges allow cigarette smokers and other tobacco users but for the most part they are open only to cigar lovers. They hold periodic social events like tastings of a particular brand of cigars and serve a variety of foods as well as cocktails. Most will showcase a live music act or sometimes plays. 

They’re almost always decorated in the most sumptuous and luxurious of ways, rousing feelings of opulence and pre-eminence. Furnishings are reminiscent of gentleman’s clubs of decades past. Supple leathers and shiny marble are commonplace. 

A cigar lounge would not be complete without humidors.  Humidors keep cigars humid and are made in any size from small cigar-sized boxes to walk-in sizes. Large humidors are often used like safety deposit boxes for cigars. Pricey cigars are bought and kept stored at the cigar lounge until smoked. Other smokers prefer to peruse the humidors in search of the perfect cigar upon each visit. The staff will often circulate mobile humidors and educate each customer on the particular cigars inside.  

Plain cigar stores differ from the classic cigar lounge in that they lack the distinguishing thread and the elegances that accompany it. There is something decadent and uncommonly civil about a cigar lounge. Cigar lounges even have their own etiquette. Basically, it’s all about the cigar.

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