Cigar Smoking Is Hip: Here Are Four Reasons Why

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

woman smoking a cigar

Cigar Smoking Is Hip: Here Are Four Reasons Why

Several years ago, the Wall Street Journal published an article on the increasing trendiness of pipe-smoking. Hello, WSJ? We think that cigar smoking is equally fashionable, and we have reasons why.

  1. It’s a power statement. Let’s face it, cigars are associated with power—the old-fashioned business executives of days gone by lit them up when they got together after dinner and over port. It was a sign of masculine authority. Badges of authority are far different now. But the more the differences are integrated--parity for women (no more guy-only gatherings) and vegetarian entrees rather than a steak dinner, say—the more firing up the old icons looks real good right alongside them. You can see the pleasure that people like Kanye West and Ted Turner take in puffing a cigar and inheriting the mantle of tycoons of yore.
  2. Women like puffing a stogie. See Number 1 above. Women like making the iconic statement of power right along with the guys. It certifies that they are powerful, they are assertive, and even that they are feminine enough to smoke a cigar. Photographs of women like Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez, and Heidi Klum smoking cigars underscores the “beautiful, powerful, and likes cigars” aspect of contemporary femininity.
  3. It’s retro. Everything old gets new again. If you stroll around a fashionable urban area, such as Brooklyn, NY, accessories that were once associated with an older generation are now proudly sported by the younger generation. That goes for fedoras, vinyl records…and cigars.
  4. Cigars reward connoisseurship. The blend, aroma, and heritage require a sophisticated understanding and will repay study and experimentation.

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