Cigar Five-Packs: Quality over Quantity

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Apr 28 2020

Cigar 5 Packs

Cigar Five-Packs: Quality over Quantity

For those who love cigars, the same dilemma comes up all too often: "I love this cigar, but I don't want to buy an entire box of them!" Fortunately, we've thought about this common predicament. If you want to have some of your favorite sticks in stock without breaking the bank, then a five-pack is just for you! We have several brands of renowned cigars available for purchase in five-packs for when you want some supply without going overboard on quantity or cost.


We offer several five-packs of CAO cigars. Up first is the CAO Gold, a mild-bodied smoke wrapped in a silky, Ecuador-grown Connecticut shade wrapper. Next is the CAO Italia, featuring Habano tobacco grown in Italy exclusively for CAO. If you want rich and robust sweetness, this is the five-pack for you. If you want a full-bodied smoke, the CAO Brazilia is a great pick. Earth, nuts, and cocoa burst on the palate with its Brazilian maduro wrapper. Moving on to the CAO America, the taste of cedar and chocolate greet you with this robust smoke. Finally, the CAO Cameroon features a wrapper from Cameroon, Africa that provides a delicate, aromatic sweetness.


According to many smokers, every cigar has a "sweet spot." Oliva took this idea and created the Nub line, where the whole cigar is the "sweet spot." Don't let its size fool you; the Nub smokes just a long as a cigar twice its size. There is a Nub for each flavor palate: the Connecticut offers mild, woody flavors; the Habano offers spicy, nutty flavors; and the Maduro offers notes of chocolate and earth.


If you desire something more aromatic and flavored, Acid Infused Cigars may be for you. The Kuba Kuba is a great introductory cigar with its sweet, savory flavors. Its counterpart, the Kuba Kuba Maduro, gives it a richer, darker twist. The Acid Beach, a sweet cigar with an herbal aroma, is a Corona Cigars exclusive, so grab them while you can!

Rocky Patel

If you want to try a veteran brand with highly-acclaimed offerings, then Rocky Patel is a great choice. The Vintage 1990 features a rare Honduran Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper with notes of earth and espresso. If you want something with a little more kick, the Vintage 1992 is made with an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper that gives the cigar some spice. Finally, the Vintage 1999 has a 7-year old Connecticut wrapper for when you want to relax with a smooth, mild smoke.

Whatever flavor or experience you are looking for, Corona Cigars offers five-packs of some of the finest cigars so you can look forward to your favorite smoke without breaking the bank on a whole box. To view our offerings, simply check out our Cigar Five Packs page.

Happy Smoking!

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