Cigar Five Packs Offer Flexibility for All Budgets

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 21 2017

5 Pack Frenzy

Cigar Five Packs Offer Flexibility for All Budgets

If you love premium cigars but can't quite afford or have the need for a full box, Corona Cigar Co. offers the opportunity to still save and buy Cigar Five Packs. Typically, retailers, including us, sell cigars by the box. This allows customers to stock up on their favorites. But these boxes often come with 15 to 20 cigars in a box and obviously the prices range from inexpensive to over $100.

While our boxes offer incredible savings, we understand not everyone can buy that many cigars at once. Or for that matter, maybe you don't need to buy that many cigars at once. If a good cigar is just an occasional treat for you and you don't have a proper humidor, it wouldn't make sense to buy a whole box because they wouldn't stay fresh. 

So for our customers with any budget or just no need for a box of 15-20 cigars, we offer Five Packs for a great value. Customers can Save Up To 67% on Cigar Five Packs and also don't have the expense of a full box. Our Five Packs include all of the most popular brands like Gurkha, NUB, Don Pepin, and Drew Estate just to name a few. And these products come from all over: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Brazil, and more. 

If you are buying a gift or just choosing some cigars for yourself, save big with our Cigar Five Packs. Stock up on cigars just in time for the holidays and celebrate them in style with the best cigars from Corona Cigar Co. And to find out more about the amazing cigar deals from Corona Cigar Co. Contact Us today.