Cigar Dolls: Cigar Brands Rolled by Women

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Jan 12 2017

cigar dolls

Cigar Dolls: Cigar Brands Rolled by Women

Women are a small but powerful sector of the cigar smoking world. They make up but a slim percentage of cigar enthusiasts but their passion is as deep as their male counterparts. Contrary to popular belief, women who smoke cigars do not search out the thin cigarillo type faux-cigars. They, just like male smokers, prefer authentic, hand-rolled premium cigars.

A group of women cigar rollers realized this phenomenon for what it was and took their act on the road. The Cigar Dolls are a group of gorgeous women who roll premium cigars and give presentations at cigar events across the country. The goal is to dispel the myths that women who smoke or roll cigars are grizzled, old crones sitting in a warehouse with a basket of tobacco leaves.

Each one of the female cigar rollers has an interesting story behind her career choice as well as a vast knowledge of rolling cigars and the history of this storied art. Female cigar rollers are such a rarity and the addition of their vast knowledge is an impressive mixture. The presentation includes demonstrations of various techniques as well as a question and answer period. They are extremely interactive with their audience and their unique and surprising appearance lends to an event attendees do not soon forget. 

The events feature only premium cigar brands such as Montecristo and Drew Estate and are meant to entertain cigar smokers but also open awareness to female rollers and enthusiasts alike. If you have questions about a cigar brand you have seen at an event or on our site, please feel free to contact one of our expert cigar staff members.