Cigar Brand Spotlight: A Little About Acid Cigars

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Dec 5 2017

Acid cigars

Cigar Brand Spotlight: A Little About Acid Cigars

In the world of cigar smoking, flavored cigars have historically had a bad reputation among more experienced smokers. But sometimes it can be good to shake things up and when Acid Cigars hit the scene, that's exactly what their creator Jonathan Drew did. Opinions may still be split on flavored cigars, but you can't argue with the impact that Acid Cigars has had on the industry. Let's take a look.

Infused, not flavored

In the previous paragraph we referred to these cigars as flavored. Perhaps a more accurate description would be that they are infused. The actual process to making an Acid Cigar is somewhat of a secret, however the flavoring is more likely absorbed than sprayed as was done in the past. The end result is a more full-bodied flavor for your enjoyment. 


One great thing about Acid Cigars in comparison to other flavored cigars is that they are hand-rolled. These are no machine-produced cigars. The tobacco leaves are also sorted for quality so you know you're smoking the good stuff.

If you are new to cigar smoking, Acid Cigars might be a good introduction for you. They are however enjoyed by all kinds of experienced and inexperienced smokers due to their full flavor and quality ingredients. In Acid Cigars, you will find a nice easy draw and a full-bodied flavor for you to enjoy. But don't take our word for it. Try an Acid Cigar today and see for yourself what we are talking about!

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