Cigar Accessories For Every Step

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Mar 5 2020

Cigar Accessories

Cigar Accessories For Every Step

Whether you're a seasoned cigar smoker, new to the hobby, or somewhere in between, Corona Cigar Company has the accessories that you need to enjoy your cigars properly.

Every cigar remains an idea, a temptation, until it's lit. Then it becomes a real treat. Naturally, you need something to light your cigars. At Corona, we offer you a selection of lighters from some of the finest manufacturers in crafting the best tools to light your cigars. These include S.T. Dupont, Xikar, Rocky Patel, Colibri, Davidoff, and others. We carry an array of lighter styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. With our selection, you will not only always have a lighter, but you will have a reliable light.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. You have to cut that cigar before you light it, and Corona Cigar Company is ready to ensure an easy start to your smoke. Our cutters will ready your cigars with sharpness and ease. Just like with our lighters, our cutters come in a variety of styles, such as guillotine, kamikaze, and punch, and from esteemed cigar cutter manufacturers, including Xikar, Davidoff, Prometheus, and Vertigo.

A simple truth is that smoking produces ash. Now that we have you covered for cutting and lighting your cigars, what about an ashtray? Add an aesthetic touch to your smoke with one of our ashtrays.

At Corona, we don't just stop here. We have other accessories aid in every aspect of cigar smoking. Consider our cases. We stock a robust offering of brands, styles, and sizes to transport cigars with elegance and safety.

Maintain your humidor with our accessories, especially the Boveda humidity packs that will make sure you pull out a pristine cigar every time.

Corona has other accessories to deal with the smell of smoke on your clothes and in your smoking chambers.

From start to finish, transport to storage, and smell to ashtray, Corona Cigar Company has accessories for every step of the smoking process!

Wondering anything about our accessories? Contact us with your questions!