Christmas Lights for Cigar Lovers

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

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Christmas Lights for Cigar Lovers

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!" Everybody loves Christmas lights, except when you have to unravel a giant rat's nest of wiring to string a million tiny colored bulbs around your tree. Then, it's the most aggravating time of the year! Actually, then it's time to abandon the novel notion of having a real tree and head to Home Depot to pick up a strangely perfect looking fake tree, complete with Christmas lights already attached. After that, you will have plenty of time to ponder a much more rewarding version of Christmas lights in the form of cigar lighters as a gift for the cigar aficionado in your home.

Now some of you out there may not think that a cigar lighter is much of a gift. Au contraire! What follows here are three examples of elite cigar lighters that are sure to change your mind and bring lots of holly to your gift receiving cigar lover:

  1. ST Dupont Ligne 2 Soft Flame LightersChances are you don't have the financial resources to mimic one of those audacious car commercials where the husband puts a big red bow on a $100,000 sports car as a Christmas present for his wife. The Ligne 2 Lighter is a world class lighter that gives great attention to detail. The rounded edges and straight lines give you a classy look. The ignition button is located on the side and when pressed, it will instantly make a nice soft flame.
  2. Opus X Tabletop Lighter - Blue - Welcome to the real world where smartphones are getting bigger and lighters are getting smaller. This diminutive dynamo is powerful enough to light a cigar as big as the one smoked by the Gas House Gorillas in the old Bugs Bunny cartoons. The Opus X Tabletop Lighter features a triple-flame torch lighter with a dual squeeze-action trigger. Available in blue or green.
  3. Corona Cigar Co. Cutter/Lighter Set - The Corona Cigar Co. Cutter/Lighter Set comes with 1 ‘The Judge’ V-Cutter, 1 Avalanche Jetline Lighter, and 1 Luxe Jetline Lighter. All 3 items come with our sleek Corona Cigar logo printed on it. They’re available in Red and Rose Gold. Order a set today and get FREE SHIPPING with your order!

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