Celebrate 2016 With Drew Estate Cigars

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

Drew Estate Cigars

Celebrate 2016 With Drew Estate Cigars

A new year is an awesome time to sit and take stock. Nicely enough, it is also an awesome time to sit and draw on an excellent cigar from Drew Estate Cigars. A company whose motto is “The Rebirth of Cigars” is very appropriate for the birth of a new year.

Drew Estate Cigars was started by two fraternity brothers from upstate New York, Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samuel. They weren’t scions of the cigar industry, but they were brothers of the leaf. Many years later, they are known for their excellent factory in Nicaragua, Esteli. Esteli is known for its fantastic architecture and the great hand painted murals that grace the factory.

And the cigars! Drew Estate has garnered something of a cult following among cigar lovers over the past several decades. Perhaps they are best known for Acid Cigars, which are handcrafted at Esteli, and immediately infused with exotic botanical oils and spices. Acid Subculture and Acid Remi Blue are particularly famous and have a large following but Acid Krush Cigarillos and Acid Purple Juggernaut also have their fans.

Natural cigars from Drew Estates are a cigar aficionada’s friend. Naturals blend tobacco from 15 places on the globe, including Nicaragua, Syria, Dominican Republic, St. James Parish, Turkey, and Haiti. The result is a complex flavor that never flags.

If you will be spending some time with people not into cigars early in the new year, slip them Drew Estate’s Java Cigars. These are infused also, but with espresso, chocolate, and hints of dark coffee beans. The Brazilian wrapper adds additional notes of sweet cocoa.

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