Best Holiday Gifts for Cigar Smokers

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

Best Holiday Gifts for Cigar Smokers

Santa smoking cigar

As Americans gear up to shake their jingle bells and get shopping, many will be turning their attention towards the discriminating smokers in their lives. Thankfully, it won’t be hard to buy for them this year with so many wonderful gifts on sale at online Corona Cigar Co. Here’s a look at six items that are expected to be red hot:

Cigar Gift Sets

Cigar gift sets are first on our list of perfect presents for discriminating smokers. In our experience, they always make putting the best gifts under the tree easy for cigar aficionados and novices alike. So we’re predicting cigar gift sets that include traveling cases or ashtrays are going to be disappearing as quickly as smoke on the water.

Cigar Samplers or Limited Editions

Next up are cigar samplers and limited editions. Like cigar gift sets, they help take the frustration out of choosing the ideal offerings for every man and woman who believes that variety is the key to a good smoke. Select samples that focus on one manufacturer or sets that include options from around the world. Either way, we’re sure that your brother and sisters of the leaf with thank you for it.

Cigar Accessories

If you want to keep your gifts down to stocking stuffer size, peruse online stores’ collections of various cigar accessories. After all, what self-respecting cigar smoker would turn away a new cutter, lighter or case? The list of other accessories that are sure to please includes smoke odor exterminator candles, sprays and super strong breath mints.

Cigar Humidors

For those discriminating smokers that hold a place closest to your heart, consider going all in for cigar humidors and humidor accessories. The humidors that you’re likely to find in stock between now and the end of the year typically come in four major categories. They’re small, medium, large and travel size. But don’t let the title “travel size” fool you. It’s not unusual for some humidors in that category to hold up to 80 different, premium cigars.

Cigar Apparel

In our experience, cigar apparel tends to really light up a smoker’s face too. This is especially the case if the apparel is paired with matching cigars. For instance, you could pair a Corona Cigar Company hat and t-shirt with a Corona Party of 4 Sampler or Corona Gold Series single.

Cigar Store Gift Cards

Lastly, we know that many shoppers will be reaching for gift cards that their loved ones may utilize to find their own perfect gifts at our online cigar store. Right now, they come in your choice of four different denominations. To learn more about them and the other fantastic items on our cigar store’s gift list, please contact us today.