Best Cigars for Earth Day 2015 Celebrations

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

Best Cigars for Earth Day 2015 Celebrations

Earth Day Cigars

Do you plan on doing something special for Earth Day? If so, you are not alone. Ever since the national observance came into being in 1970, thousands of people across the country have been using it to do something remarkable for the environment. Some also see it as an opportunity to help wildlife and people who live in extreme poverty. Consequently, we wanted to highlight a few cigars that would make excellent Earth Day companions.

The ones on our short list are as follows:

The Ambrosia Mother Earth and Acid Earthiness cigars are both made by Drew Estate. What makes the cigars perfect for Earth Day activities, besides their flavor and names, is Drew Estate’s philanthropic efforts. The company actively supports a non-profit organization that works on helping Latin American and Caribbean residents overcome extreme poverty. The organization is named TECHO and they’ve been engaged in their efforts since 1997.

CAO Flavour Earth Nectar cigars, on the other hand, are made by the General Cigar Company and they take social responsibility very seriously. Unlike other cigar manufacturers, they are involved in many charitable efforts. For instance, they have a reforestation program that helps plant trees to replace the ones they use during the manufacturing process. They adhere to ISO 14001 standards and maintain a natural disaster fund as well. And that’s not all. The company’s management also supports endeavors connected to education, disease prevention, literacy, housing and more.

To learn more about these cigars and others that would be ideal for Earth Day celebrations, please contact us at the Corona Cigar Company. We’ll help you find great cigars manufactured by socially responsible companies that care for the environment and its occupants. That way, you can feel proud smoking one whether it’s Earth Day or not.