Acid Cigars: It’s the Best Time to Compare CT Shade and Broadleaf Wrappers

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

Acid cigars

Acid Cigars: It’s the Best Time to Compare CT Shade and Broadleaf Wrappers

Ever since the 1600s, cigar aficionados have been extolling the merits of tobacco initially grown in the Connecticut Valley’s verdant fields. On one hand, there’s Connecticut Shade tobacco. It sports a svelte figure and golden, oily, elastic skin that’s sought after the world over. On the other is Connecticut Broadleaf, shade tobacco’s burly but sweet, big-veined kin. It has all the oily goodness of Connecticut Shade but a much more concentrated flavor, thanks to the sun. So, it has its fans too. If you’re looking to try both, may we suggest buying Acid Cigars? Manufactured by Drew Estate, the line has as much depth and breadth as the cigar wrapper flavor profiles themselves.

Connecticut Shade tobacco wrappers adorn a number of Acid Cigars. The list includes 1400cc TubesBlondieBlondie BelicosoCold InfusionLiquid and Roam Natural. The Blondies are coyly sweet. If you want a creamy taste instead, try the Roam Natural or 1400cc. For a full-flavored smoke, go with the Liquid. Fans of light-tasting cigars may prefer the Cold Fusion. Of course there are several cigars wrapped with Connecticut Broadleaf as well. Among them are AtomExtra Ordinary LarryKuba Kuba Maduro, and the Nasty. They all have a very robust taste and the Extra Ordinary Larry truly lives up to its moniker. Why? It has a surprising, pleasant kick of spice that is as sweet as it is soul-warming.

Now is the perfect time to buy an assortment of Acid Cigars and pit the merits of Connecticut’s finest tobacco wrappers against each other. We’ve got a huge assortment in stock and we’re giving away five additional cigars with select Acid Cigar box purchases. The additional cigars are all from our expansive, Drew Estate collection. To find out which Acid Cigars are part of the special, limited time only deal, please contact us at the Corona Cigar Company today.