ACID: Infused, Not Flavored

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Sep 10 2020

Jonathan Drew

ACID: Infused, Not Flavored.

Trust me, there is a difference. When it comes to cigars, flavoring can be added to cigar tobacco through a few different processes. One of which involves spraying or soaking the leaves in a flavoring agent, while another involves exposing the tobacco by placing it in spaces in which it is allowed to naturally absorb the flavor over time. While Jonathan Drew keeps the exact process of how Drew Estate is able to pack such unique flavors into their ACID lines, he does point out that they are “premium infused” smokes, and not “flavored cigars” as traditionally thought within the industry. After infusion, ACID cigars are wrapped in plastic, and left to sit in a cool room to allow the flavors to infuse further and marry together.

So what’s the deal with ACID cigars? No two ACID cigar types are the same, and they are crafted using premium long filler tobacco, carefully blended from various regions of the world, before being matched up with specially selected botanicals, wines, oils, herbs, and spices. The flavor of these cigars is difficult to explain, and they really do vary greatly. One of the joys of smoking ACID cigars is in experiencing the kaleidoscope of taste, and in the end, only you can really decide what you are tasting.

Boxes are adorned with the silhouette of Scott “ACID” Chester , an artist specializing in a unique blend of industrial, urban, graffiti, and motorcycle art styles, which inspired the imagery behind Jon Drew’s idea for these cigars. The individual lines are broken down by dominant colors on boxes:

Blue being the classic originals like the fan-favorite Kuba Kuba Maduro and Blondie.

Red are usually more bold and intense flavors, such as those found in the Nasty and the Liquid.

The Gold line tend to be more mellow and subdued holistic infusions, as expressed in the Cold Infusion and Earthiness.

Purple are floral-rich and heavily aromatic, like the Extra Ordinary Larry and the Plush blends.

Drew Estate also produces a Candela version, with sweet and bright flavors. And we can’t forget about the Corona Exclusive Beach, long aged, with a unique blend that is reminiscent of our Florida-vibe. More recently, the industry has also been introduced to the ACID Twenty, with a Mexican San Andres wrapper, and the ACID Twenty Connecticut

Every ACID cigar is unique, and you’ll definitely be surprised with the flavor experience they can provide. Over the years, these lines have gained favor with cigar aficionados of all kinds, from every age group, and often appreciated even by those who usually only enjoy traditional premium cigars.

Give ACID cigars a shot, and talk to one of our cigar experts to learn more about all of the special blends by Drew Estate today!

Writer, Corona Cigar Co.