7 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Cigar Lover in Your Life

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

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7 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Cigar Lover in Your Life

People who enjoy cigars typically enjoy the ritual of lighting and smoking as much as they enjoy the taste. Smoking a cigar is relaxing and satisfying -- the perfect way to lift the spirits after a difficult day or celebrate the successes of life. Part of this ritual includes the accessories cigar smokers need to enjoy the moment, including lighters, cases, and ashtrays. Here is a list of excellent gift ideas your cigar aficionado is sure to appreciate.

1. Cigar Samplers

Cigar sample packs are the ideal way to taste a few new cigars without spending too much money. If your cigar lover enjoys a particular brand more than most, consider a sampler pack from his favorite line. For the more adventurous smoker, try a sample pack of exotic cigars that are hard to find in your hometown or are a limited edition. Cigar smokers also sometimes enjoy a pack of cigarillos, which are smaller versions of cigars, closer in size to a cigarette, but with a cigar taste.

2. Gift Sets

Similar to samplers are gift sets, which come in beautiful gift boxes or humidors. Gift sets are sometimes a safer bet if you aren't a cigar aficionado yourself and aren't familiar with what's "good." Most gift sets are packaged attractively and feature popular cigar selections that are sure to be a hit with your more discriminating friend. Flavored cigars are also popular as gifts, such as cherry, vanilla, or mocha.

3. Humidors

Cigars must be kept in optimal conditions until smoked to retain their unique taste and aroma. Even if your friend already has multiple humidors, many aficionados prefer to separate brands in their own humidors to protect the flavor from intermingling with other flavors. Consider a travel humidor so your cigar loving friend can enjoy his cigars on vacation or during business trips.

4. Cigar Lighters

Lighting cigars is different from lighting cigarettes, and cigarette lighters found in convenience stores won't do for smoking a cigar. Most cigar lovers prefer a torch lighter, which has a more substantial flame for lighting bulkier cigars. Double flame lighters are popular with cigar smokers, as well. Though looks are important, never choose form over function. A great looking cigar lighter that doesn't work well won't offer your friend the right amount of enjoyment. Find one with a convenient yet attractive design.

5. Cigar Ashtrays

Another difference between smoking cigarettes and cigars is the type of ashtray needed. Most standard ashtrays are designed with slots to perch a cigarette, which isn't nearly large enough to hold a cigar. Buy an ashtray specifically designed for cigar smokers.

6. Cigar Cutters

Like lighters and humidors, avid cigar smokers can't have too many cutters. Cigar cutters vary in style from elegant polished silver to simple yet practical stainless steel. Choose the cutter according to your cigar lover's personal style. For example, an elaborate silver cutter that comes in a gift box is perfect for your office worker, but the outdoorsy smoker might prefer a durable chrome cutter.

7. Odor Eliminators

If your cigar smoker's family doesn't enjoy the smell, there are a variety of products available to help make his smoking experience more pleasant for him and for them. Candles and sprays are available to help remove the smoke smell from the air. These come in a variety of luscious scents, including a scent-free odor eliminator.

If you can't decide what to get, consider a gift card. A gift card from a reputable cigar dealer is personal, because it shows you know and care about your cigar lover. But it gives him or her the freedom to select something they've had their eye on for awhile but haven't had the chance to try out yet.