3 Benefits of Cigar Samplers

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

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3 Benefits of Cigar Samplers

It takes a special kind of person to appreciate a good cigar. However, even within the community, there is a variety of tastes, preferences, and even budgets to contend with. There's no such thing as one, perfect cigar for every smoker. Which is why cigar samplers remain as popular today as they've ever been.

3 Benefits of Cigar Samplers

#1: Variety

The most obvious benefit of a cigar sampler is that it gives smokers the chance to sample a bit of everything. Whether it's a 3-pack, or a box of 50, a cigar sampler lets a smoker taste different brands, different flavors, and different blends, expanding his or her tastes. It's even possible to narrow the variety offered to cater to a particular smoker, with "best-of" samplers that only contain a certain brand, such as the Romeo y Julieta Cube Sampler, or a certain strength, letting them get outside their comfort zone without stretching too far.

#2: Cost

Another benefit of cigar samplers is that, for the value they offer, they tend to be quite affordable. They act as a kind of recruitment package, giving smokers a chance to try before they invest more money than they're comfortable with. This makes them ideal as gifts, but also a better bet than buying a box of an untested brand or blend which you're not sure you'll care for.

#3: A New Experience Every Time

Another benefit that comes with cigar samplers is they offer a smoker a constantly fresh experience. Unless very specifically packed with certain options, every sampler is going to be different. There may be some brands or blends that are the same, but each one is going to have something new in it.

For more reasons you should consider investing in cigar samplers, and which ones are more likely to suit your taste as a cigar lover, simply contact Corona Cigar Co. today!