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La Gloria Cubana Natural Cigars

La Gloria Cubana Glorias Petit Natural Cigars

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La Gloria Cubana Natural Cigars are an excellent medium-bodied cigar from the Dominican Republic. The core of the cigar produces an earthy and spice overtone. The well aged premium tobacco is coupled with an unsurpassed quality that La Gloria Cigars are known for. A beautiful burn and superior draw offer a grand smoking experience. La Gloria Cubana Cigars are simply one of the finest cigars on the market today. For all who smoke them, an exceptional experience awaits.

Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Connecticut
Origin: Dominican Republic

Customer Reviews

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Always easy, 30th Aug 2016

Reviewer: Kelsey OBrien

Just started using Corona Cigar Co after my last provider started having distribution problems. Orders have been easy and deliveries have arrived promptly.

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Great Stick, 4th Sep 2015

Reviewer: Robert Hoss III

EP Carillo doesn't disappoint with this stick. Great maduro. Plenty of smooth earthy flavor that La Gloria Cubana maduros are known for. Good burn with ample smoke. Just above the burn line you can really see the oils coming out of the wrapper. This cigar is a good example of what a Maduro (ripe) wrapped cigar is supposed to be. I'm a huge fan of the Serie R #7 but, this stick is a close second for flavor. Also a thumbs up to Corona for price point and speedy shipping.

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Good, but not my favorite LGC., 5th Sep 2013

Reviewer: Jerad Johnston

It was a good, solid smoke in through the first half. Smooth and slightly sweet, with a good burn and solid ash. The last third is where it started going down for me. The flavors started to get harsh to nothing and I had to relight. Definitely better in a shorter vitola.

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LGC Corona Gorda, 11th Aug 2013

Reviewer: Henry Albers

I have always been a fan of these cigars, even after the company was sold. That being said I have to say that there has been a change in the quality since EPC sold the company. The stick I most recently smoked was nowhere near as favorable as I remember it and construction seems to have suffered as well. Overall I was disappointed with this cigar.

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Average / Light for a Maduro, 8th Aug 2013

Reviewer: Craig Marynik

It had a decent flavor, but I was surprised to find it a little on the milder side as far as a Maduro goes. Was an easy draw and I enjoyed my smoke.

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Good stick!, 3rd Aug 2013

Reviewer: Don Hebert

This was my first LGC but it won't be my last! I'm a Maduro lover and this one didn't disappoint. Good construction and great burn.

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Nice Stick, 17th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Tim McCabe

I'm a huge fan of maduro's so I knew this was going be a good smoke. The draw was flawless. Nice tight roll with a solid white smoke. The ash held fairly long and was white with hints of black. Lots of creamy and nutty flavors and some coffee bean. There is a slight pepper taste as well. Overall this kind of stick makes me like maduros so much more. Good job La Gloria.

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Good Cigar, 17th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Mike Cappello

This was my first La Gloria Cubana. I was very please with this medium body smoke. One of the nicest draws I've ever had. Had about 2 inches going before it finally ashed. A very solid cigar and one I would definitely get again. Smooth all the way through with good flavor.

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Smooth, 12th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Robert Padovano

Lovely smoke that reminds me that I should smoke more maduros. Mellow and smooth top to bottom with a great taste.

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Underwhelmed, 10th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Jason Schultz

After reading lots of reviews on this stick, I was excited to smoke it. However, afterwards, I had mixed feelings. It was well constructed, and pre-light aromas were enticing, but when lit, it just didn't have the flavors I was hoping to find. The leather was overpowering anything else, and though I could smell other flavors in the smoke, I couldn't taste them. I might try another, but for now, this one won't be in the regular rotation.

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La Gloria, 9th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Robert Venier

A little long and thin for me but a nice smoke. They burn well and with some nice flavor. Suits well for a round of golf. Enjoy.

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Good Stick, 9th Jul 2013


I am a fan of LGC, so no surprise that I liked this cigar. Easy cut, easy light, great burn throughout with only minor touch-ups required. Good meaty smoke, strong deep leather and wood with hints of espresso, with threads of nut on the exhale. Medium strength.

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Give It a Burn, 8th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Miles Brown

This mammoth stick was mild but full of chocolate-y, nutty, coffee-y goodness. Midway it added some cream to the coffee flavor along with some woodsy notes. It retained it's boldness the entire journey of the burn and never let up on flavor. Definitely recommend, especially for the price tag.

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Nice Smoke, 2nd Jul 2013

Reviewer: Alan Hatfield

Very well made dark wrapper and triple cap . Smooth tobacco and damp earth smell , First third was chocolate and tobacco. Second third picked up spice . Then at last it got some nuttiness. I really like this one.

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La Gloria Cubana, 1st Jul 2013

Reviewer: armando De Solo

Still one of my all time favorite cigar brands, what flavor, coffe, chocolate and earthiness. Always a winner in my book.

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Glory indeed, 30th Jun 2013

Reviewer: David Waddle

I LOVE Maduro wrapped cigars...and this one is close to being my favorite. Coffe, Chocolate, and soft. This cigar has great finesse.

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Decent Smoke, 29th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Keith Chiavetta

Have enjoyed La Gloria Cubana maduros previously, so I was looking forward to smoking this one. Very flavorful right from the beginning, even burn throughout. About 2/3 of the way through it became overly "hot," but then diminished as I finished the smoke. I enjoyed this cigar with a glass of single-malt which was a good pairing.

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LGC Church Maduro, 29th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Robert Guariglia

So-so cigar. Burn and draw ok. It doesn't have the hint of sweetnes I associate with a maduro wrapper.

All in all I was underwhelmed. Medium bodied, muted flavors of leather and spice, but the flavors didn't come across readily.

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Nice Maduro, 29th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Fred Argilan

Great smell and good flavor. Mild and a little sweet. Had to relight a few times but burn was even. I will definitely try again.

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Average at Best, 27th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Perla De Solo

Good cigar but just not the quality of what it was years ago, still a good smoke though. Decent burm, plenty of smoke, nice flavors til about midway then a bit harsh.

So-So, 25th Jun 2013

Reviewer: Reed Skinner

Not my favorite La Gloria Cubana. This is a firm stick with an oily maduro wrapper. The unlit aroma is nice, but at first light, it smells of parafin. The melting candle odor diminishes after the first 1/2", but is still noticable to my nose. I was at a loss to discern any significant taste/flavor from this cigar. Rather I found it somewhat bland and no where near medium in intensity. I made a small straight cut and the draw was good. The burn was uneven, it started to 'tube' (not burn the binder/wrapper) about 1" into the smoke, necessitating a touchup with the butane lighter. A firm draw was needed to keep the wrapper/binder burning in conjunction with the fillers. Ash was firm, dark, but layered like flapjacks, no doubt due to the wrapper/binder. Not one of my favorites, and not one that I would purchase.

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