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FSG Farm Roll Single Cigar


FSG Farm Rolls feature tobacco grown on our Florida Sun Grown Farm in Clermont, FL. The unique tobacco has been carefully cured in the barn, then aged in specially selected Bourbon Barrels for a full year. The final product is 100% Pure FSG Tobacco - we’re talking wrapper, binder, & filler! Then, we roll it the old school way, without the use of wooden molds or machines. Whether you’re an FSG fanatic, or just looking to try some new & unique tobacco, we guarantee that FSG Farm Rolls are like nothing you’ve ever had before! #SmokeFSG

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wonderful, 19th Dec 2021

Reviewer: Jason Crum

being a resident of Fl and native i had to try my native lands tobacco and expecting a novelty but finding substance. this is a chocolatey, earthy cigar that reminded me of a cohiba Behike in some senses. give it a try you won't be disappointed i promise you!

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Amazing Cigar, 13th Sep 2020

Reviewer: Stanley Bowers

The cigar has an amazing flavor and aroma one of my top 10 requires more re lights then most all I cigars definitely an amazing cigar sitting with a good cup of coffee.

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Outstanding, 18th Aug 2020

Reviewer: Justin Murray

I took advantage of a limited offer, and the FSG Farm roll was included. This cigar is a standout! The cigar is medium to full bodied, and packed full of flavor. Solid stick, I highly recommend setting aside time to enjoy. Repeat purchase, without a doubt! Don’t touch the blend guys!

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One of my favorite cigars!, 28th Feb 2019

Reviewer: Omi Ramirez

I really enjoy the FSG line of cigars. But the farm roll, is my favorite. I hoard them when I visit Orlando and take them out only when I really want a special cigar. I wish these were available in more locations and in different sizes.

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Surprisingly superb, 28th Nov 2018

Reviewer: Matthew Greene

I live in Florida so naturally I tried this Florida puro. I never thought that it would good. It is smooth and flavorful. A great smoke. It requires more relighting than I want it to but fixing this would probably require adding a good burner leaf that is not from Florida. It would also change the flavor. I earnestly hope that this is not ever considered. Keep this blend. Also bring back the smaller skinny cousin. I miss that one.

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