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Zeus Over Run

Zeus Over Run Torpedo Cigar Bundle

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Save some serious cash with our factory-direct Zeus Dominican Overruns! Hand made in the Dominican Republic with a blend of natural tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Sumatra and Indonesia. Zeus Overruns are a nice mild to medium bodied cigar with a creamy, slightly sweet flavor. At a buck a stick, this deal is a no brainer!

Strength: Mild to Medium
Wrapper: Natural
Origin: Dominican Republic

Customer Reviews

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Zeus Robusto, 19th May 2020

Reviewer: Courtney Bonner

Bought these after having decent experience with so Zeus Torpedo cigars. Even after a few days in the humidor they cracked while trying to cut. Burn was uneven most of the time. Then since is not a long filler cigar, had mouth full of tabacco after just about every draw. Would not purchase these again. Doubt I would try anymore Zeus. Prefer to stay with the corona branded sticks.

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Good road 'gars, 17th Feb 2019

Reviewer: Patrick Bergin

They don't always burn evenly, and tend to unravel, but they're good for an everyday cigar. Definitely worth the money.

Excellent cigar., 4th Feb 2019

Reviewer: Johnny Dunn

Great cigar for the price. Set back last evening and enjoyed one while watching the GOAT win his 6th Super Bowl.

That made the cigar taste even better.

Good cigars, 2nd Nov 2018

Reviewer: Johnny Dunn

These are good cigars. I order Toro by mistake. The taste is great on these. When you clip the end you keep getting little bits of tobacco in your mouth.

The Torpedo cigars of the same brand are my favorite.

Zeus torpedos overruns, 1st Sep 2018

Reviewer: Fred Lazard

Those that do not unravel are great

2nd purchase, 4th Jul 2018

Reviewer: Johnny Dunn

I recently placed my 2nd purchase of these cigars. These have become my go to cigars. Excellent cigar and value.

Zeus Torpedo 2018, 10th Jun 2018

Reviewer: Johnny Dunn

First order of these cigars. These are a real fine smoke and I have shared them with friends. They all like this cigar greatly. I will continue to purchase this cigar. Great deal from a good company.

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Best Bang For Your Buck!, 20th Jan 2017

Reviewer: Keven Patton

Zues Overruns are a GREAT smoke at a GREAT price!!!!

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Torpedo, 13th Sep 2016

Reviewer: Paul Cervenan

Not a bad tasting smoke for a little more than a dollar each. Like the
fact they are rolled tight at the tip
so you clench them with your teeth and enjoy them fishing or driving the tractor in the field.

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Zeus Churchill, 14th Aug 2016

Reviewer: Donald Cash

Exactly what I was hoping for. Long lasting and smooth.

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BY ZEUS!!!!!!, 5th Jun 2015

Reviewer: Robert Quigley

A very smooth cigar that is enjoyable right down to the end.

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Zeus Toro, 6th Oct 2014

Reviewer: John Sikes

These were shipped over 1,100 miles.. I was a little concerned so I let them sit in the Humidor for a few days. First one out of the box was great. Great flavor, smooth and they last a while. Will buy again!

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Zeus Churchill, 9th Mar 2014

Reviewer: Eugene Brinkley

Was worried when shipment arrived. First impression was they felt a little soft. Smoked one immediately and it had a very good draw and OK smoke output and flavor. After sitting in the humidor for a while I tried another. Wow. Smoke output increased and flavor is great. Not sure if the first one was just a construction issue or if the time spent in the humidor made the difference but well worth the price. Think I'm going to order the robusto next.

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Zeus Churchill, 25th Sep 2013

Reviewer: Mark Roach

Outstanding cigar... smooth draw easy smoke want a lasting cigar this is the one to try...

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Zeus Torpedo, 4th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Paul Brote

As this cigar's name implies, it is God like! Outstanding cigar that, if banded would rate a 90+

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