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La Aurora has been delivering cigars to the public for over 100 years and the new La Aurora E. Leon is living up to the tradition set in years past. It is constructed of a natural African Cameroon wrapper, surrounding Dominican binder and both Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers. Its complexity delivers a woodsy and slightly spicy flavor and finishes with creamy and leathery notes. The La Aurora is a long-burning premium cigar, perfect for the frugal aficionado.

Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Cameroon
Origin: Dominican Republic

Customer Reviews

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Nothing fancy, 6th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Tony Marion Caldwell

A decent enough smoke, but nothing that makes you want to buy a box. It was well built, had a good draw, gave off lots of smoke and tasted good. A good daily smoke cigar but not one I'd go out of my way to pick up.

Fair Smoke, 22nd Jun 2013

Reviewer: Craig Marynik

I would say it was an very easy draw with a mild to medium flavor. I did find it slightly bitter at the start, but that went away rather quickly.

La Aurora, 24th May 2013

Reviewer: Rober Rashid

Not my favorite smoke in the test batch. Veiny wrap on this stick and would not stay lit. Don't know if it was just a bad stick or a problem with the line. The first third was a little pepper and spice in flavor but as it burned to the middle third the intensity rose and became very strong almost to the point of not finishing. I am not sure if maybe I was smoking it a little fast and never gave it a chance to cool down, but I could not finish it. With all that said, I am usually a fan of the La aurora line, but this one stick was not great.

Good Enough, 23rd May 2013

Reviewer: Brady Koch

Took this one to the beach and didn't find much notable about it. It wasn't bad, just ordinary. I got an even burn and it didn't leave a long term mouthtaste. A solid medium bodied smoke that lasted about 45 minutes.

La Aurora, 22nd May 2013

Reviewer: Eric Sigmon

Nice dark oily looking wrapper. Even draw, solid dark grey ash. Firm draw. Never developed a taste, but was medium in body.

Jeff Hoff, 21st May 2013

Reviewer: Jeff Hoff

Burned well, smoke was mild to medium, easy draw, a good every day cigar if that is your choice. Was not able to smoke to the nub....but overall good!

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3 1/2 star even smoke, 20th May 2013

Reviewer: Cristian Ayo

Very Smooth and even tasting Cigar. Draws evenly, slightly spicy flavor throughout. Nice cigar.

Gran Corona, 20th May 2013

Reviewer: Jerad Johnston

This was not up alley. It burned well, and initially had good flavor. Nothign great for me, but it was alright. About halfway through it started to get a little bitter and the flavor just got worse. So much so that I just laid it down, just past halfaway. Just wasn't doing it for me, but there is someone out there who it fits.

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La Aurora Gran Corona, 17th May 2013

Reviewer: Robert Guariglia

Dark, mottled wrapper. Quick and easy to light. Tight draw contibutes to long burn time.

Not a lot of flavor - somewhat thin with a short finish.

Not a cigar i would go out of my way to look for.

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La Aurora Corona, 16th May 2013

Reviewer: Robert Venier

Good smoke, it played well on the golf course...I did not. Nice wrapper and burn.

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La Aurora Gran Corona, 13th May 2013

Reviewer: Gerard Gamache

Dark brown wrapper, slightly dry. Easy draw, tight ash. Got a little tunneling about halfway down. Just ok.

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Not so great, 13th May 2013

Reviewer: Chris Connelly

I decided to give this cigar a shot before I purchased the discounted box. I have to say I am glad I tried it first. After smoking it for about 20 minutes I put it to rest and purchased a different cigar. Flavor was not good at all, the burn couldn't have been any worse. To be honest, Aurora should probably take their name off of this one.


Reviewer: Joseph Bourgoyne

Good daily smoke Medium body went well with coffee.

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Gran Corona, 9th May 2013

Reviewer: Ken Everist

Nice construction and good overall wrapper. Burn and draw are great. As far as flavors it has a light coffee bean undertone overshadowed by a dried hey taste. About half way through it picks up a more satisfying leather taste though it stills taste a little young. It does develop more depth about 1/3 of the way end. For the price this would probably be a good cigar for a beginner to figure out their palate

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La Aurora Gran Corona, 9th May 2013

Reviewer: Dwight Zeissler

Very fragrant with a nice oily wrapper. Well constructed and smoked very even. Spicey at the begining and mellowed to the end. Good cigar for the price.

Gran Corona, 8th May 2013

Reviewer: Tyler Donelson

This cigar is suitable for a daily smoke as it's pretty smooth, but it's not very complex and the wrapper started to unravel about halfway through the smoke. Ok cigar.

La Aurora Cameroon, 7th May 2013

Reviewer: Terry Nevin

O.K. Cigar. Don't care for the cameroon flavor.


Reviewer: Gary Deeb

Wonderfully fragrant. Rich & leathery. I did not feel it was long burning as it is promoted.

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