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House Resolution 1639 - The Traditional Cigar Manufacturing & Small Business Jobs Preservation Act is a pro-active bill written to prevent the FDA from taking away your freedom to purchase and enjoy cigars.

To commemorate this historic event in the cigar industry we have collaborated with the J.C. Newman Cigar Co., America's oldest cigar manufacturer, to bring you House Resolution cigars.

House Resolution cigars are handmade in the Newman's Nicaraguan (Brick House) cigar factory using a medium bodied blend of aged Cuban-seed, Nicaraguan grown long-filler tobacco. The wrapper is a chocolate brown, sungrown San Andres maduro. The rich flavor is slightly sweet with undertones of leather and nutmeg.

Every box of House Resolution cigars sold helps support our efforts to make HR1639 a law that will keep the FDA from coming between you and your beloved cigars. So here is your chance to smoke a great cigar, at a reasonable price, and bring some attention to HR 1639 every time you light one up.

Strength: Medium
Wrapper: San Andres Maduro
Origin: Nicaragua

Free Cutter with Box Purchase

*For a limited time only, receive a FREE Corona Cigar Co. Guillotine Cigar Cutter with 20ct box purchase of select House Resolution Cigars.

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Poor start. Great finish., 22nd Sep 2020

Reviewer: Fredd Adams

I was excited to receive HR Chairman. So excited, I smoked one right out of the box the day my shipment arrived. Big mistake! The cigar was extremely overhumidified. But, I could tell from the taste the cigar had potential. The box rested in my humidor for two weeks before trying my second stick (RH 69% consistently). Again, it was an awful experience! The HR was spongy and a light squeeze between the fingertips exposed some irregularities in the rolling. I decided to dry box the sticks for a week, this was the best decision I could’ve made! I smoked one of the cigars this morning on my patio and it was spectacular! Leather, earth, chocolate, and perhaps molasses! Full of flavor, consistent profile, and great tasting! Still some irregularities in the construction, however. Would I purchase again? YES.

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Great Cigar for the money, 9th Dec 2018

Reviewer: Andrew Tsunis

This is a true quality Cigar at a very reasonable price. I find it difficult to source strong cigars without an after taste under 10.00. This cigar packs a full robust flavor, great draw and doesn’t go out as soon as you lay it down for a minute. I would really recommend you trying this cigar if you have not done so already. While some would argue that it deserves a 5 Star given its value and quality, I reserve that platitude for my Padrons only.

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Uncle Jack, 7th Mar 2016

Reviewer: Jack Leezy

These cigars are really a pleasure to smoke, no long lasting harsh taste left on your palate. Not hard to draw, even burning. Ordered more.

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Great Cigar, 15th Dec 2013

Reviewer: Donald Barry

I usually avoid "house" cigars, but this one convinced me. I got one free when I ordered cigars for my wife. Looked like a nice stick, so I tried it. WOW
My taste runs around Padrons typically. This cigar is right in that league!!

Just go the box that I went and ordered. very happy... Wallet is extremely happy!

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Second time around, 3rd Sep 2013

Reviewer: Alan Hatfield

I liked them even more the second time I tried them . Great now I got to get a box. Good thing the price is so good.

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Resolve to Get You Some, 5th Aug 2013

Reviewer: Alan Hatfield

This was a very nice cigar good burn and smoke. 1st third was leather wood and slight sweet.Later it took on a cereal
notes and a little spice on finish.

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Flavorful but poor draw, 7th Jul 2013

Reviewer: Brett Wendel

Very flavorful smoke but not overly so. Had issues with draw and with it not staying lit.

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Great Stick for Great Cause, 3rd Jun 2013

Reviewer: James Bartlett

The House Resolution Chairman was created in partnership between Corona Cigar Company and J. C. Newman Cigars. This is a Nicaragua cigar with a San Andreas maduro wrapper and Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-filler tobacco. This cigar was stored in my personal humidor for about two weeks prior to today. The maduro wrapper has a dark oily look with slight veins. The pre-smoke smell is slightly sweet with a tinge of nut. The cigar was tight and densely packed. After removing the red clothe band on the foot, I went with the traditional straight cut. The cigar lit and the start burned very evenly. The cigar started with a medium to full body flavor. The flavor was slightly peppery however towards the end went to a more mild finish. The final third of the cigar finished smoothly. I would smoke this cigar again.

Dr. Jimmy

Dr. Jimmy B. Cigars

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Danny Pappas, 2nd Jun 2013

Reviewer: Danny Pappas

Very nice mild to medium cigar. Compares well to much more expensive brands. Well constructed, nice even burn, easy draw and lots of flavorful smoke. No bite or bitter taste. Overall an extremely enjoyable smoke.

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Decent burn, horrible flavor, 28th May 2013

Reviewer: Brad Gunnell

I figured I'd light this one up on Memorial Day poolside. The cigar had a decent burn and was fairly even throughout. However, the flavor was not good AT ALL.It reminded me of those knock-off Cubans people purchase on Bahamian cruises. Just plain awful.

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I'd vote for it!, 28th May 2013

Reviewer: Blake Bork

When looking at this cigar, it is put together very nice. It's a sturdy smoke with a great wrapper. The flavor is mild with a wide range of flavor constructed in it. I've had these several times and it seems to be my "go to" in my indecisive moments.

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Martycigar, 26th May 2013

Reviewer: George Wynne

The wrapper is toothy with a dry look. The feel is firm to touch but softens when smoked. A good draw with a nice spice throughout the cigar. A nice medium body cigar, but very smokeable for novice smokers too. The cigar never got bitter and required no touch ups from start to finish. Well worth the time and money to give this cigar a try.

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House Resolution Speaker 7 X 52, 26th May 2013

Reviewer: Andrew Kwon

Initial inspection -impressive looking stick. I like the ornate band and foot band. The prelight aroma is earthy. Initial toast and light provide an nice amount of smoke. 1st third had a hint of sweetness. 2nd third changes into a subtle bitter cocoa. Final third stayed the same. Excellent construction. Only wish it had more strength. I would recommend it for those who like a mild smoke.

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Chocolate Flavor Bomb, 25th May 2013

Reviewer: Robert Beazley

Vitola: Speaker
Body: Medium
Strength: Medium
Construction: Excellent, no soft spots, double cap
Appearance: Beautiful dark chocolate brown, oily San Andreas wrapper, red ribbon foot is a nice touch
Cold draw: cocoa, a little sweetness, leather
Overall: I loved this cigar, it was like smoking a chocolate bar. The profile, strength, and body did not transition much throughout but that did not detract because the rich creamy flavors are so enjoyable. Retrohale produced even more cocoa. Would make a great after dinner desert cigar. The best thing is that each box contributes a portion to fighting the FDA. Definitely a winner!
Smoking time: 90 minutes
Score: 90

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Average, 15th May 2013

Reviewer: Scott Johnson

Nice looking out of the wrapper and well constructed...nice draw and initial puff...took the second puff and not much flavor...I do enjoy a full-bodied cigar, but the House Resolution was too mild for me...gave it a chance and found at the quarter mark a slight sweet, creamy flavor...still on the mild side...above average draw from start to finish which was about an hour and 15 minutes.

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House Resolution Speaker - 7" x 52, 14th May 2013


The House Resolution looks rather oily with the course wrapper that's a little on the ugly side. There are no soft spots, it has a slight woody floral smell and it looks well rolled. It lights very easy and draws well. It burns evenly, is cool and has a medium gray, flaky ash. The cigar is a nice full body of rich, robust floral and fruity flavor. The aftertaste is a fruity, burnt woody and very pleasant taste. It reminds me a little of the Rocky Patel edge. It is a good cigar with a message.

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Bruce Olander, 12th May 2013

Reviewer: Bruce Olander

easy smooth draw long white ash. Complex flavor, but very pleasant. Aroma very nice and mild. All in all very good smoke

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NIce mild-medium smoke, 12th May 2013

Reviewer: John Byrnes

Surprisingly mild despite the Maduro wrapper. I used a straight cut and it burned consistantly throughout with only a couple of burn corrections needed - the cigar was smooth and well textured. As it got down to about half I detected a sweet taste, a little "chewy" if you will. It was a nice, even draw for the whole smoke. This is a good mild smoke and would go well with a cold beer.

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its a big smoke!, 11th May 2013

Reviewer: Charles Van Horn

Nice dark wrapper, deep chocolate color, good aged tobacco scents. I paired it with a good Honkers Ale (goose Island). It lasted a good 2 hrs. Mine was a hard draw, but not too hard. 7x52 made for a cigar to sit back and enjoy for awhile. it made a good ash. Scents of wood and chocolate. I'm surprised about what a good quality cigar it is for the price. Its a great value.

A solid smoke, 9th May 2013

Reviewer: Paul Guereber

A solid medium bodied smoke with a no changes in flavor or strength. A couple of burn corrections over a 2 hour smoke. While not a WOW cigar, I would smoke it again.

Golf Course Smoke, 8th May 2013

Reviewer: Patrick Donovan

Nice dark wrapper but really expecting more flavor and taste. Ash was great a a nice 2" but unfortunatly for me lacked any big flavor profile I expected from the nice dark wrapper. Was a consistant burn throughout the cigar with few or no touch-ups. Last 2" of cigar was very hot and harsh. A good smoke if not paying attention on the golf course but something I wouldn't sit down to smoke. Hints of choclate and mild expresso were there just never let loose in flavor town.

Mild to Medium, 8th May 2013

Reviewer: Anthony Palmer

This one came off mild to me. It had some good notes of spice and was constructed well, but flavor really never came out. I was hoping for a bit more.

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Not For Me, 7th May 2013

Reviewer: Roger Williamson

I thought this cigar had a nice feel and a good draw. It was a dark brown with darker mottled features showing up and down the stick. There were a few veins and the surface was bit rough. But it seemed tight and firm. I used the larger hole on my punch and that went smoothly as the cap held up. In fact the cap never loosened or unraveled. The draw on lighting was smooth and easy. The burn lasted about 1 hr 20 minutes. The burn was even and smooth. Mechanically this cigar was close to perfect. The only problem was that I did not like the taste. and while there was copious amounts of smoke, it was thin and dry. The taste reminded me of some Mexican cigars I have had before. Towards the end, the smoke seemed to get a little thicker and moister but the taste was not any better. I would not even consider this as a yard gar nor would I smoke another. It should be noted that Corona gave me this cigar in return for a review. I am sure many of the reviews here are the same case. I really wanted to like this cigar but it was not to be. I mean, what's not to like about a free cigar? Well taste for one thing.

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flavorful, 7th May 2013

Reviewer: David Rockowitz

This was a long smoke. Took it to the golf tournament. Lasted a good hour and a half. Smooth, this on of my favorite smokes from Corona. I usually smoke the shorter cigars but i love the flavor of this series.

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fore!!!, 7th May 2013

Reviewer: Ian Martin

I lit it up on the first tee. and I didn't finish it till 15 great slow burn rich flavors of chocolate and a bit of cherry like notes when well with the Sam Adams I was drinking. Creamy smoke not too heavy and I was impressed no heavy lingering aftertaste. good stick...

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Great cigar!!!, 7th May 2013

Reviewer: James King

My God...this is SUCH a nice stick! For the price, I don't think you can beat it! The draw was dead-on, with huge amounts of rich and creamy smoke. Burn was nice, too. I got a little over two hours on this one. LOVED IT!!!

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yummy, 7th May 2013

Reviewer: Carmine Fortunato

A medium, satisfying smoke. Upon lighting, woodsy and leathery. Midway through notes of coffee and chocolate. Nice burn.
A wonderful after dinner cigar.
Definitely try one, you'll like it.

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Made for Scotch, 7th May 2013

Reviewer: Dean Terry

Out of the cello wrapper there is exquisitely delicious sweet earthy smell with hints of coffee and nuts. The wrapper is dark and mottled with areas with slight oily sheen and smooth leather appearance. The cigar was well constructed. On lighting the sweetness comes through with a spicyness backed by coffee, nut and a slight woody notes. A nice fairly complex set of flavors develop with a creamy sensations that develops on the palate. A Scotch aged in either Sherry or Port casks would make a likely fine complement to this smoke. It is quite smooth, easy draw and quite satisfying to smoke.

Jamie, 6th May 2013

Reviewer: James Novell

Really nice cigar
Good taste
Medium to full

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Pleasant Surprise, 6th May 2013

Reviewer: Bryan K. Gravely

From the first puff, this cigar lobbied for high ratings. It has a smooth, easy draw; a sturdy construction; and a beautiful dark, even wrapper.
As a general rule, I am not a fan of Sun Grown tobacco, but this is definitely an exception to that rule. In fact, I liked it so much, I was surprised to find discover it had a Sun Grown wrapper. And as a proud member of the CRA, I was also pleasantly surprised that proceeds of this cigar go to support legislation to defend the rights of cigar smokers.
This medium bodied smoke was right in my wheel house with outstanding flavors. Yet another perfect example of why many consider Nicaraguan tobacco to be the best in the world.
If you love cigars, you need to be buying this cigar en mass - not just because it supports the defense of our passion, but because it's a damn fine smoke!

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A good daily cigar, 6th May 2013

Reviewer: David Huffer

This review is for the 7X52 Speaker House Resolution cigar.
First the cigar is well made with a flawless dark wrapper which had some prominent viens to it. Initial sniff of this cigar gives indication of grass and hay. I smoked this cigar with a punch hole and the prelight draw was just right. This cigar has a lot of various flavors, I am not an aficionado so I can't describe them, but it was tasty. The burn was even throughout the cigar and provided a lot of smoke.
I would recommend this cigar for everyday smoking. It's not a flavor bomb but was an interesting smoke. I would recommend you try one.
Good luck and enjoy.

nice golf cigar, 6th May 2013


Really nice blend, good taste and well made, this to me is a truly a golf cigar

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Tasty and Well Constructed!, 6th May 2013

Reviewer: David Blender

The House Resolution Churchill Maduro Wrapper Cigar presents with individual wrapper and red ribbon sash on front of cigar.

Wood match lit and straight clipped.

This well constructed, maduro wrapped churchill, provides pleasantly powerful full flavor. This smoke is chocked full of nutty cocoa goodness that stays consistent and smooth throughout this 75 minute smoke.

No doubt you'll enjoy this cigar's steady and straight burn. This is a pleasurable smoke offering a smooth draw that starts out with powerful flavor that soon mellows into pure nutty goodness; sure to please most cigar loving palates.

Makes for a good daily smoke.

Give this one a try; you'll be happy you did!

Excellent smoke, 4th May 2013

Reviewer: Anil Valiani

I smoked this cigar with a straight cut and lit with wooden matches. Pre-light draw was very nice, pepper and cedar smell. The draw is very nice and smooth. Initial smoke was mellow creamy and rich. The complexity of this smoke is very earthy and peppery. Halfway into the cigar I picked up a very strong coffee taste like a fine expresso coffee. Toward the end of the cigar it is very peppery to an almost medium to full body smoke. The end of the cigar really makes you salivate and very peppery. This is a very nice medium cigar and I would not mind having this in my humidor for an occasional smoke. Flavor I would say is like a creamy cedar and earthy tobacco rich smoke. This cigar puts off a lot of smoke. I had some burn issues with it initially, the ash stays on for a long time with little to no touch ups. I would purchase this stick for the price its comparable to a monte cristo #2 or a padilla. I enjoyed the complexity and smoothness of the cigar and the amount of smoke it puts of is relaxing. Great cigar with morning coffee or occasional after meal cigar. You do not get the buzz that you would in a full body cigar but still very enjoyable for an every day smoke or on the golf course.

House Resolution, 4th May 2013

Reviewer: Robert Tackett

Nice easy draw with a sweetness that continues as the cigar progresses, nice long ash with a mild but interesting flavor. Even burn staying mild through the entire smoke. Great cigar for the price point. Enjoy smoking it for a good cause. Robert Tackett

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Intensity & Flavor Abounds, 3rd May 2013

Reviewer: Richard Howard

Smoke Time: 1hr 20mins
Cold Draw: Hints of Chocolate-covered Espresso Bean and Nuts
Burn: Even with a few touch-ups needed
Hard to believe this is not a $15 stick! The medium-bodied strength played well with the dark chocolate and roasted espresso bean flavors teeming within. Nicaraguan tobacco is famous for its rich, toothy tobacco, but this one is meant to bring on the flavor punch. A few burn issues were noticable, but that is common with the oliy San Andreas wrapper. Overall a great smoke worthy of a great cause. Well done!
Pairs With:
Beer - Cigar City Brewing Cubano-Style Espresso Brown Ale
Spirit - Germain-Robin Select Barrel XO Brandy

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