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God of Fire Serie B

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God of Fire Serie B Cigars are produced by Tabacalera Arturo Fuente and masterfully blended by Carlos and Carlito Fuente. A rich and exquisite cigar, the God of Fire Serie B cigars use a blend of Dominican long-fillers radiating with flavor. They are precisely wrapped with a faultless Maduro wrapper. Released once a year, they are a true boutique cigar that's geared toward those looking for an ultra exclusive cigar. Each box of God of Fire Serie B Cigars comes numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

Strength: Full
Wrapper: Maduro
Origin: Dominican Republic

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Good Good, 28th Jun 2019

Reviewer: Chuck Vinson

This GOF really hit the spot. Chocolate nutty goodness all the way to the nub.

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Series B in Line with God of Fire Carlito, 3rd Mar 2019

Reviewer: Scott Henderson

A quick note that the more chocolatey version of the God of Fire line to me was a bit nicer on the finish than the Carlito. However - the five dollar difference between the Series B and the Carlito version probably had more to do with quantity than it did quality. Having smoked em both and adhering to the Stogie scale
One Stogie = Great Cigar Half the Price, Any Price
Two Stogie -= In Line at any price
Three Stogie = Above the Call, Above Price at Any Price
Four Stogie = Elite and any price
Five Stogie = Old Friend

Series B at $21 (v. $26 for Carlito) punches above it's weight. It, while more fleeting at about forty minutes (v. 1 hr) it had more personality - yes maduro but on the confectionery sweet side and very, very delicious. On that note, it punches up in price and fits nicely between the Anejo line and the Lost City line. Worth every penny and then some.

God of Fire Series B = 3 Stogies 5 Stars

(Stars are an enjoyment factor once a Stogie review is established)

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