Warped Corto

Warped's Corto Cigar is a beauty! Dressed in a silky smooth wrapper flaunting a well-filled box press construction. Your senses will be filled with earthy nuttiness with hints of rich cedar. These boast full body flavors from the very first draw. Roasted nuts and warm tantalizing spice is the forefront of this winning flavor profile with a creamy sweetness that hangs in the backdrop! A bit of green earthiness adds a layer of complexity to bridge the flavor possibilities... hints of leather and fruity sweetness break through for a well-balanced profile as it moves to full-strength brimming to a sweet and toasty wood flavor that satisfies the finish of this interesting smoking experience. This is elegance with a rustic, rugged feel... it's sure to be a favorite of many who seek to find a balance of rustic manliness and refined pleasure - you can find both within the realm of Warped Corto X50 Robusto Cigars.

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