When it comes to making a great cigar, experience matters. Sindicato is rather unique because the experience behind the making of this line of cigars isn't experience with creating cigars, but rather experience with selling cigars. A group of 45 retailers joined forces to create a cigar production company and the results are quite staggering.

Direct feedback from customers has resulted in a line of cigars that responds to tastes and preferences of consumers more directly than any previous cigar line. The current line, the Sindicato Maniac is arguably the most ambitious cigar line created by Sindicato. This 70 x 7" cigar is a massive, bold, and wild cigar, sure to appeal to anyone who wants a long, powerful smoking experience.

Wrapped in an Ecuadorian Habano, the fill of the Maniac is an entirely Nicaraguan blend. The opening draw is a pleasant combination of cedar and traditional tobacco, with hints of both mint and black pepper. Continuing through the stick, all of those hints remain in the background while the tobacco grows to a perfect level of sweetness. Eventually it is rejoined by the cedar and eventually some mild spice helps finish out the cigar.

Overall, it is simply a smooth cigar that offers a long smoke good for any time of day or any occasion.

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