Plasencia Cosecha 146

Plasencia is one of the most famous names in the cigar business. Family owned and operated since 1865, Plasencia simply has a nearly unparalleled level of experience. And in a business where even small choices can be the difference between a legendary stick and a dud, that kind of experience matters. The Plasencia Cosecha 146 is a cigar that is almost certainly going to be remembered as one of the former. Crafted from the 146th crop harvested by the family; it is a medium-bodied cigar that is truly something special. The tobacco crops from both their Honduran and Nicaraguan farms were particularly exceptional and the Plasencia family took advantage of this good fortune by blending them and matching it with a Honduran Habano wrapper.

All of this combines into a rich, creamy, smooth cigar that features almond and leather. Notes of spice show up in the background and there is the hint of a floral taste throughout the stick. It is a surprisingly mellow combination, though not one that would ever be described as bland. It is highly possible that Plasencia won't harvest another crop this exceptional for a decade or more, which means this is a cigar you just can't miss out on. Personally, we recommend buying a few boxes so that it will last, but at the very least, you should buy one just to experience something this exceptional.

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