Monte by Montecristo AJ Fernandez

The Monte by Montecristo AJ Fernandez is a cigar that looks almost exactly like it tastes. Wrapped in a dark Ecuadoran Habano wrapper that blends well with the bold gold, red, and black logo, this cigar resembles a bar of the finest European dark chocolate.

And once you start your first draw of this masterpiece, you will discover that it is the bold, robust, richly chocolate flavored stick it appears to be. Strong notes of caramel and roasted nuts emphasize that comparison to fine European chocolate bars. The comparison is so apt that we feel that this cigar can replace even the best Bavarian chocolate cake after a great meal, without feeling like we missed out.

Probably the biggest surprise of this robust creation is the cost. It is quite reasonably priced for a cigar of this quality and strength. It isn't quite in the price range that we associate with every day cigars, but this is definitely an every weekend and major holidays type cigar. Between the robust sweetness and the strong notes of coffee flavor, it is a cigar that pretty much begs to be consumed after an excellent meal when you the time to simply savor it from start to finish.

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