Macanudo Inspirado Black

When it comes to cigars, sometimes it is just better to be an international traveler. Case in point, the Macanudo Inspirado Black Cigar was released in Europe well before it ever reached American soil. A brief delay may not seem that important, but when it comes to the bold flavor of this General Cigar Co. creation, we certainly regret the time it was unavailable.

All such regrets are in the past now, as the Macanudo Inspirado Black Cigar is now readily available in the states in a wide range of sizes. For less experienced smokers, we recommend the Robusto. At 5", it is the perfect gateway cigar for moving up from mild cigars to full body cigars. Veteran smokers are more likely to prefer the Gigante (coming soon) or the Churchill for a longer experience.

Whatever length you prefer, the Macanudo Inspirado will tickle your senses with a powerful earthy smell mixed with dried fruit, cream, and pepper that wafts off the stick the moment you draw it from the box. And when it comes to this cigar, smell and taste go hand in hand. Your taste buds are tantalized by the flavors of those aromas in the initial draw. And that flavor just intensifies as the cigar shrinks in size. The big surprise, however, is the end, which suddenly blooms with unexpected, though hardly unwanted, notes of cinnamon.

When enjoying a robust cigar like this, we always recommend you share it with good company while enjoying a robust meal. Think steak or mutton and a good strong ale or mead and you have the perfect companion for this stick.

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