Lars Tetens

Lars Tetens Cubagua: The Lars Tetens Cubagua cigar is named after the tropical paradise island, Cabagua, located off the coast of Venezuela. The Lars Tetens Cubagua's blend is undisclosed, like all Lars Tetens, but we do know that it is a sweet-tipped cigar that delivers a creamy earthiness with spicey undertones.

Lars Tetens Phat: The Lars Tetens Phat cigars are all rolled with a twisted head & untrimmed foot to add to the unique style of this line. These cigars are medium to full-bodied with notes of oak earth, and black coffee throughout.

Lars Tetens Serie D: The Lars Tetens Serie D cigars are a full-bodied smoke full of earth, pepper, and leather flavors. These cigars are what a true full-bodied cigar should be: full of flavor, powerful, and enjoyable.

Lars Tetens SS: The Lars Tetens SS cigars are medium-bodied with a spicy-sweet cap. If you're an experienced smoker and are looking for something different, this cigar is perfect for you. You won't find anything else that is like the Lars Tetens SS cigar.

Lars Tetens Steam Punk: The Lars Tetens Steam Punk cigars are medium-bodied and packed full of flavor. This cigar is ideal for all smokers because it's easy to smoke but carries flavor wth it to provide an awesome smoking experience.

Lars Tetens Sutton Place: The Lars Tetens Sutton Place cigars are a nice and mellow mild to medium-bodied smoke that you can enjoy at any time throughout the day. These cigars are great for a relaxing morning with a cup of coffee or for a delicious dessert after dinner.

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