Brand Spotlight on Acid Cigars

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Mar 15 2018

Acid cigars

Brand Spotlight on Acid Cigars

You'll never forget the taste of your first Acid Cigar. The premium cigar brand is famous for making infused cigars popular and changing the industry's perception that flavored or infused cigars can't be paired with quality tobacco.

Jonathan Drew, the founder of Drew Estate, created Acid cigars in the late 90s. Drew originally got his start in the cigar industry during the mid 90s. He launched his first cigar brand La Vieja Habana with the help of Marvin Samel and sold them in a small kiosk in a New York City mall. Despite their humble beginnings, the company gradually started making a name for itself. Unfortunately, Hurricane Mitch damaged their tobacco supply in Honduras and Nicaragua right around the same time. Determined to prevent his company from going bankrupt, Drew moved to Esteli, Nicaragua in 1998 to personally oversee their cigar production. He eventually started experimenting with different techniques and decided to launch a new line of premium infused cigars called Acid cigars in 1999. 

Acid cigars feature a combination of tobacco from different countries, including Mexico, Indonesia and Nicaragua. They also source cigar wrappers from Cameroon, Maduro, Connecticut and other locations. To get their flavor, the cigars are wrapped in plastic and left in a room stocked with over a hundred herbs and essential oils so it can absorb the aroma and taste. The premium tobacco, when paired with an artful blend of spices, oils and botanicals makes Acid cigars a refined smoking experience. People love Acid cigars because each cigar has its own unique flavor and aroma. Their one-of-a-kind blends are popular with cigar smokers all over the world. 

We sell an assortment of Acid brands, including Acid One, Acid Candela, Acid Gold Holistic or Acid Krush Cigarillos. You can also stock up on Acid Purple Juggernaut, Acid Subculture, Acid Red and Acid Remi Blue. Please contact us today for more information about our vast selection of premium Acid Cigars.