So, you’re a pretty dedicated cigar smoker. Even if you aren’t a cigar smoking fanatic, buying premium cigar accessories is an excellent choice for all types of cigar smokers. An essential cigar accessory for everyone is a cigar lighter. We have the best online selection, and each is priced at competitive rates. We provide lighters of different sizes, styles, and colors—all of which are guaranteed to be the perfect lighter for your cigar, and also the perfect thing to have on hand. Browse our large selection of lighters from S.T. Dupont, Xikar, Rocky Patel, and many other premium manufacturers to find the exact accessory you need, and never find yourself with a cigar but without a light.

Cut your cigars with ideal precision. Whether you need to cut off a larger piece of the end, or even both sides, our cutters are the exact fit you need. We have kamikaze cutters, guillotine cutters, cigar punches, folding tool combos, and so much more! You'll find expertly crafted options from industry leaders like Xikar, Zino, Davidoff, Colibri, and Prometheus. Accessorize your home with an attractive cigar ashtray, and match it to your personality or the interior of the room. Ashtrays shouldn’t just be a prop for dropping your ashes—they are part of the cigar smoking experience! Choose from a variety of designs, colors, shapes, and sizes to make your ashtray personal and just as decorative as you would like.

Carry around your Corona cigars in a cigar case, which is guaranteed to safely house your favorite cigars in an individualistic design, fairly-priced for any kind of budget! We offer different sizes of cigar cases, which will give you the flexibility to carry around a few, or several, of your favorite cigars. You can always have a cigar on the go, and your cigars will be well-protected from the elements, as well as exterior damage to the cigar’s wrap.

Corona Cigar offers quality cigar accessories to fit the budget of any cigar connoisseur, from the budget conscious to the cigar smoker who is looking for that extra special rare accessory. We believe that cigar smoking is more than just an activity. It’s a hobby, and it’s a lifestyle. Like all hobbies and lifestyles, you need to properly accessorize, and purchase items that will enhance your experience! Shop through our accessories to find perfectly rare, attractive, and practical cigar accessories for all preferences.

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