The History of Montecristo Cigars

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Apr 27 2017

The History of Montecristo Cigars

From the popular deli sandwich to the Count himself, the name Montecristo has become associated with quite a few staples of modern culture. Being one of the most well-known and appreciated brands, Montecristo cigars have a history of their own that is almost as rich as their flavor.  They are now recognized far and wide as a cigar that will always leave the user craving more.  Some swear by this type, while others are simply intrigued by their popularity.  Though it came from somewhat humble origins, the Montecristo cigar seemed to always be bound for fame.  Take a look at how this cigar got to be as in demand as it is today.

The Name

In 1935, a factory was purchased by Alonso Menéndez, a cigar maker who wanted to put his own unique stamp on the world of rolled tobacco.  The location he chose was once home to brands such as the ever-popular Particulares as well as the lesser-known Byron.  Knowing he did not want to stand in the shadow of previous conquests, he immediately began production of his new brand, the Montecristo.  He got the name from the novel, The Count of Monte Cristo, a famous tale of revenge by Alexander Dumas.  While the content of the novel itself was enough to have a cigar named after it, the reason he took the name was because it was a popular choice of those who read stories to the workers out on the rolling floor.  The name he chose would help the cigars to gain the recognition he desired.  

The Tobacco

The distinct flavor of any cigar comes directly from the type and quality of the tobacco that is used in production.  For the Montecristo, the tobacco was initially grown in the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba.  After changes and regulations to the distribution of Cuban cigars disrupted the production of the entire Montecristo line, it was moved to the Dominican Republic so trade agreements could still be reached with the United States.  Today, the Dominican versions of Montecristo cigars are just as widely praised as the Cuban version from which it originated.

The Varieties

Ranging from mild to full bodied, the Montecristo cigar has developed several different types over the years.  The Montecristo Classic is a perfect example of a smooth taste with blended with a subtle spice.  For anyone with a more demanding palette, the Montecristo Platinum has a more full-bodied taste because of the combination of tobaccos from Nicaragua, Peru and, of course, the Dominican Republic.  With all the options that are currently available, this particular brand has found a way to satisfy nearly every cigar preference.

The very origin of the Montecristo cigar relied on one man who wanted something more from his tobacco.  Cigars have always been a mark of culture and sophistication, and the Montecristo has only embellished that image.  From Cuba to the Dominican Republic, the history of this brand has made it uniquely diverse. Contact us today to find out which Montecristo Cigar is the best fit for you and to see what all the talk is about.