The Florida Sun Grown Cigar Brand

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on May 11 2017


The Florida Sun Grown Cigar Brand

We have proved ourselves in the cigar world for decades now. With our newest brand, Florida Sun Grown, we do not intend to change this trend. Florida Sun Grown Cigars are primarily the only cigars produced and raised in the sunny state of Florida. In America, Florida was once the second largest producer of premium tobacco. With the storied and long history of growing fine cigar tobacco, the only registered farm in all of Florida operated by Jeff Borysiewicz who is the owner of Corona Cigar Co. and Florida Sun Grown.

The first planting of test crop of Florida Sun Grown was in 2012, and with a few years of tendered aging the tobacco found its way into cigars. FSG is gaining popularity among cigar lovers at an astounding rate. Today, Florida Sun Grown cigar is in full swing due to its extraordinary nature. FSG production is in small and limited batches.

Our Florida Sun Grown filler features the prized Florida Sun Grown Corojo tobacco that adds a distinct depth and flavor to the blend. Besides combining a well-aged Nicaraguan filler and Habano seed Honduran binder, our Florida Sun Grown cigar finish is perfect with a lush of Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro wrapper that produces a light cut burn.

If you are a cigar lover who enjoys a flavorful cigar with a sweet and smooth taste all the way to the last two inches of the cigar, you can never go wrong with the Florida Sun Grown cigar. Contact Us today for more information on FSG Cigars and some of its great history.