The Cigar Lifestyle Resurgence

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

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The Cigar Lifestyle Resurgence

You remember the scene from old cartoons and movies, an expectant father paces in the waiting room, a nurse bursts through the door and announces the baby has been born, and the father jubilantly passes cigars out to excited friends and family who shake his hand and pat his back enthusiastically. There's a reason that passing cigars out to friends is linked closely to celebrations and major accomplishments. Cigars are an affordable luxury, a pleasure that can be enjoyed alone but are even better with great company.

Throughout many generations a cigar has represented power, affluence, sexuality and even intellect. The act of smoking cigars has had increases and declines in popularity through the years, and now we are seeing an increase in cigar smoking and the culture and lifestyle that surrounds it. Groups of cigar smokers have been able to find each other online and form smoking clubs that have led to amazing cigar shops, clubs and bars.

A recent Fox News Radio story, "Smoking A Cigar Is Not Just An Act; It's a Lifestyle," talks about the joy of cigar smoking, which is celebrated in society today without all the uppity refinement of a few decades ago. Vip Jaswall introduces his interview with Rocky Patel, saying,

"Choosing a cigar is a very sensual experience. From the color of the leaves, to the natural oils that are emanated, to the width and length desired, to the touch and feel in your fingers and finally to the taste of the smoke. Rocky takes appreciation of cigars from a wistful smoke to becoming a talking point worthy of one’s intellect."

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