Savor Your Cigar Experience with our Exceptionally-Designed Humidors

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Apr 30 2020

Large Humidors

Savor Your Cigar Experience with our Exceptionally-Designed Humidors

At Corona Cigar Co., we not only offer the best in cigars from various countries, but we also offer an array of humidors to maintain the tobacco leaves and their flavors. For the cigar aficionado, selecting a humidor is part of the entire experience. For anyone stepping into the world of cigar smoking, you will want to learn how to keep your cigars fresh with humidity control.

Humidor Basics

In addition to the information we offer at Corona Cigar Co., Cigar Aficionado is an excellent resource for any cigar lover, whether new or experienced.

A Box vs. A Humidor

To turn a box into a humidor, it requires "a device that maintains the internal humidity in the range of 70 to 75 percent; its internal temperature should be maintained in a narrow range of about 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit."

Don't Store Cigars Too Tight

Don't pack your cigars in too tight, because you want airflow between them, or you may find them "to become moldy."  Unfortunately, there is no salvaging a moldy cigar, and you need to check them no matter the humidity readings. 

Oil and Water: What it Means

You want to see your cigars, "exuding a little oil." If you're finding drying cigars, it means they need moisture.

Avoid the Tobacco Beetle

Don't let your humidor's' temperature stay "above 75 degrees for more than 24 hours," or you may find your cigar infested with tobacco beetles and their larvae. 

Humidor Maintenance 

The most important thing to do is to "keep the lid or door shut and periodically add distilled water to the humidifying device."

Humidor Selection: Corona Cigar Co. is Happy to Help!

Along with the advice from the Cigar Aficionado, we're here at Corona Cigar Co. to help you get the humidor that will maintain the quality of your cigars. We're proud to offer an impressive humidor selection, and the accessories to savor your cigar experience. It is always our pleasure to assist you with everything you need to experience the finest when it comes to the world of cigars.