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Our Top 4 Cigar Samplers for Bachelor Parties

  03/06/2018 at 08:42 am

In our previous blog post we shared several reasons why cigars are the perfect gift for bachelor parties. We recommended that you buy an assortment of cigars that are easy for beginners to smoke and talk to an expert if you need advice. Cigar samplers are a convenient way to try a broad range of cigars for a low price. Below are several popular cigar samplers you can bring to your next big bachelor party:  

1. The Party Pack Cigar Sampler

Our Party Pack Cigar Sampler is available for just $84.95, which is 59% off its original price of $205. The pack comes with 25 premium cigars, including exclusive house blends like Boris 11, House Resolution, Corona Gold, Corona Nicaraguan 10th Anniversary and Van 22.

2. The Corona Ultimate Cigar Sampler

Another sampler that would make a good gift is our Corona Ultimate Cigar Sampler. The retail price is usually $145, but it's currently on sale for just $59.95. From Rocky Patel to Alec Bradley Connecticut, this sampler features such a range of cigars so there's bound to be something for everyone.

3. The Coffee Break Sampler

The Coffee Break Sampler is great for when you need that extra boost of caffeine to stay awake for the party. The Coffee Break Sampler includes 10 total cigars: 5 Corona Flavors Cappucino & 5 Corona Flavors Chocolate. These two flavors combine to create a delicious and flavorful sampler

4. The 6 Pack Corona Cigar Co. Cigar Sampler

The Corona Cigar Co. Cigar Sampler comes with six different cigars of our specialty blends and with over 15 years of production have become some of our customer's favorites. We're selling it now for half off its original retail price for only $24.95. This cigar sampler features two cigars from each of our customer's three favorite blends: Corona Gold, Boris 11, and Van 22.

As always, please remember that the cigars in each sampler may vary in size, style and brand based on availability. For more information about our premium cigars, please contact us. If you prefer to speak on the phone you can reach us toll free at 1-888-70-CIGAR. Feel free to stop by and visit our store also if you're in the Orlando area. 

By Corona Cigar Co.