New Cigars from Gispert Promise Smokers More Punch for Their Pocketbooks

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016


New Cigars from Gispert Promise Smokers More Punch for Their Pocketbooks

Great news brothers and sisters of the broadleaf! Our shipment of new cigars includes three of the best, hand-rolled offerings from Gispert. At the helm of the brand’s flagship cigars is the master himself, Melo Bueso. Bueso, as you may recall, is associated with one of the most noted facilities in all of Santa Rosa de Copan. Si, we’re referring to Flor de Copan. It’s been spotlighted in everything from cigar lifestyle magazines to Frommer’s Honduras Travel Guides.

It’s also where the three, hand-rolled offerings we mentioned earlier originate. Listed as natural cigars, the Gispert Toro, Robusto and Churchill are true, Bueso masterpieces. Because of the painstaking de-veining and natural process used in their creation, the cigars are extremely gentle on the palate. But don’t let the gorgeous, golden brown color and gentleness of the wrapper fool you. Its flavor profile is as intricate as any other medium cigar by Gispert.

The stunningly tight cigar is packed with long filler delights from Central America. The leaves are often rich in chlorophyll and aged to perfection. As such, they afford natural cigar lovers the Heavenly hint of old-world cedar. Some also say the new cigars have a pleasing punch not unlike the flavors found in the best Latin chef’s spice cabinets. So they make favored editions to cigar tasting menus as well as all varieties of dinner parties.

Speaking of parties, the new cigars are being sold in 25-count boxes, which leave plenty of sticks to pass around the table. And with our price match guarantee being extended to include new cigars, one can’t go wrong in giving Gispert’s latest a try. This is especially true now that the boxes are priced below MSRP. To order a box of Gispert's, please contact Corona Cigar Co. today.